Thursday, March 2, 2017

Superficial nonsense and the literal mind.

People forget so easily. Willful ignorance of all the history ever written. When did it begin? When did people become accustomed to being told what to think. Like the many wisdom teachers say the truth is out there for anyone who has the interest and patience to keep looking. The Jewish people as an example believe they are the chosen. Yet they do not even understand what a jew is. It is not a race nor a religion. They Believe and are taught this is the star of David. David never even existed.
Truth is this symbol is thousands of years older than the Jewish race or religion. It has origins in ancient Hermetic wisdom. As far as any one can say no one really knows how old the ancient wisdom is. No one really knows how old the anatomy, biology, and scientific knowledge's really are. Quite possibly a million years old on this earth alone. Also quite possible that it did not originate here. It was only adapted to this system we live within. The wisdom is the same from any single point within the universe. Within is to without the same as above is to as below. The outer journey leads to no where. The inner journey leads to every where.