Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Battle between Good and Evil. The never ending story isnt what you are taught!

When people see this image most of them fear it. They think it is evil because they are taught it is evil. They are told it is occult knowledge. They are told it is the worship of Lucifer or Satan. They tell you it is of the devil. They being the religious theocracy and morons of the world. Why do I say this? Because I know better. Read on I will explain.

There is only one primary force in the Universe. That which men call god. Where good and evil come into play is how you use the force. It is occult not because it is hidden the proper word is unknown by most. Those who understand this symbolic imagery are illuminated. They have the knowledge. They understand the kingdom within that is represented here. This symbolizes both the universe and the human anatomy. Jachin and Boaz are simple polar opposites or good and evil. There is no god and devil there is only good and evil positive negative yin yang light dark. I would bet not many people can guess where those polar opposites are on this image. Every one will get it though its obvious and also where the word pole comes from. In every thing you have polar opposites. One of the Hermetic principles is polar opposites or duality. They are also known as mirroring or symmetry.
This one picture holds an encyclopedia of information. When you know this information you understand how the universe and the human mind work in unison you are an illuminated one. Illuminati as they call them. It is nothing evil. There is no devil as an illuminated one knows so how can anyone worship him. Simply put it is the difference between believing in fairy tales or mythology. Fairy tales are literal stories. Myths are symbolic stories. There is a huge difference. Most people fear the tree of knowledge of good and evil because they are told lies about it. Snakes cannot talk. This should be a clue that the story is myth. Atlas cannot hold the world on his shoulders no one can. It is all myth. Opening ones eye and awakening begins as soon as you start to understand the truth behind all myths. The hidden truth as they say is right in front of your eyes. It is written in gods language. It is written in nature. Nature gives us symbolism.
Nature or NTTR is god. God is just a word created by humans that actually doesnt exist. Its just a word. Symbolism is every where. It is impossible to escape symbolism. As soon as your eye opens you will see it all around you. The moment your body begins to fill with light. When it is full you are ready to leave.