Saturday, April 30, 2016

When your own thoughts seem stupid sometimes! I just laugh The big electron!

It comes as no surprise to me. I don't have any more than an average IQ. Actually I am disadvantaged in a way. I am an idiot I say so what I can read and live on the thoughts of others. If you live to be old enough all you have left in the physical world are your thoughts. Imagine no more physical desire ! yikes! right. Well at least not without a heart attack or other physical injury. Time is all we ever have. The now. In the midst of dreams we find our selves floating through worlds of the unknown. No reason, holding no thought. Just trying to follow to be in harmony with your existence. No resistance just the sweet echo of its eternal rhythm. The pulse! blip. blip, Where does it come from. You do not think it. You hold no thought that allows you to control this thing. Your good book says in the alls or Allah's, or god, or Pharaohs, or kings name Hold No Thought! For the kingdom of god is within you! Could it be DNA? The kingdom of god is with in you follow your heart. Its simple. Right? How do we explain this thing. The energy, the fire or spark. You cannot deny its presence. You can feel it. Every breath you take is not powered by your conscious mind. When was the last time you made yourself breath. If you are brave you can cease your breath and die. But what does that prove. The burning bush you were never taught to understand is inside you. It is at the top of your temple. On top of the mountain! Just like in the dreams where your soul dances outside of your body. The universe is mind. God is light! It is in your brain. The ancient Greeks said so. It is written in the bible. The bible tells you exactly where it is. The pineal. It is in your brain. The one eye of god. Of course what do you think the book is saying. That some guy flying into the airport on a brilliant white horse taking run way 7 to save you from what? No it is symbolic. He is there already with you. Right there the door is in your heart. Well how do you get there. Its simple you go within. Its all written in any religion or script even on money you are shown the pathway to being face to face with god. It is the eye in the pyramid. That is the big secret it is you. The eye of god is within you it is called many things. Not my word it is all written.
None of this is written in my name. It is in your bible. All bibles, Torahs, and Koran's etc. All doctrines of faith tell the same story. I don't have to prove it . it is all documented in your book you pray your life to. Read it, it is there.
God is light! Ever hear that one. Cm on I can prove every religion that ever existed on the face of this earth says! God is light. King photon. Yet Photon is just a word we created out of our own history to simply describe these feelings and emotions. The human pyramid is the temple. The corner stone that the builders rejected is at the top. The eye of RA! The one eye Jesus says will open your body to the light which is god above. Not my words Jesus himself said it.
The delta waves delta is a pyramid or triangle. The waves of consciousness at which you become face to face with god king photon of the north. I hope my humor is clear but cmon. All the ancient texts, philosophers say the say thing. How did ancient Greece know so much about the human mind. The hard mother the soft mother as it relates to the universal mind that created us. Any journey with god is out of the body. God is one thought one word. The first page of the bible KJV says god created life by splitting atoms and to let the stars be signs as to the kingdom of god. I don't know really where all this comes from. It is all written. All around you just read the symbolism not the words. Symbolism is given to us by nature or natural. NT TR . No one writes the symbolism. Ask any wise man they will tell you it is all given to us by the natural physical world. Which is made up of energy interacting with matter. Vibration if you will. Heart beat, pulse, rhythm. We are back to the beginning of this page. The heart beat. The love if you like I don't care what you want to call it. Remember it is your savior. It is within you. The kingdom is at the top the head of the table. Last supper get it. Where Jesus in as much tells us he is the sun of god during the age of Pisces. We are now entering what? The age or eon of water. The water to purify the world. Fire and water is always at the heart of the earth the moon sun and all planets and stars. Of which we know we can prove are very abundant. The rhythms the dance of life is said that you cannot change your true self. What is your true self? Define?  All I know is it is written to seek that which is inside. The path the trail the stairway to the top of the mountain. It is all within you. No where else. Go within and be content. Enjoy your sol ice with your god. Open the heart there is the key that leads to the top of the mountain and cast your web or brain to the right. There you will find god. We all know that god is just good minus one letter. For the letter killeth just another example that the bible is parable. It is mystery. Mystic where do you think the word mystery comes from. mysticism! OOHHH! There are simple trues to explore. Such as in humor you could say that actually most all words were created from or originated from the Greek. Hellenistic Greece was something that stands out. Examined from a far objective view everything tells the same story. We all talk in metaphors and parables any way. That is part of any true language. It can all be examined as gymatria or math. It is all part of a natural force energy or what ever you want to call it. To be perfectly honest none of this is even of my own thought it just came to me while dreaming. The thought of leaving something behind or being eternal seems quite silly since I know already that within my own self is the kingdom of god. When it is time for me to leave this body that is the way I will follow. It is the doorway we all seek. Or do we it has always been right here with me all the time. We are eternal in the light. Cmon ever hear just follow the light! You know you have I don't care what your religion faith or knowing is light is nothing to fool around with it is our savior. In the end it will be your last thought. Why wait? God is of the living not the dead. Jesus himself said so. Go within. Meditate. Breath. Dream. Be who you have always been. And smile about it life is good right. Life is god every one says so. I don't care what story you subscribe to or what script you read the savior the hero of the story the giver of life has always been right there within you! The kingdom. You have your own stairs your own seals to break your own seven chakras to ignite. They are there waiting in you. The best and easiest way to get there is just be quiet and listen daily and listen have no thought  just be. Only you can find it no one knows the way for you but it is there just the same. There is really only ever one chioce and that is fear or love! It is within.

Dont listen to those who tell you to fear.
 It is the bad choice there is never a thing to fear
 the kingdom of god is within you. Live!
The divinty within. Its splitting atoms Ive heard.