Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Observation is one of my favorite things. Something that can be enjoyed no matter where you are.

When you see things with your own eyes it is hard to dispute the miraculous sights you witness sometimes. Being there and seeing, being silently aware you seem to drift away some where on the inside where there is no pain there is no sorrow only love. The highest degree of light is pure and weightless. The energy of the all brought together along infinite points of manifestation. A universe within a universe within a universe from the macro to the micro it is a never ending repetitious thing we call life. And it IS.
I was looking for a picture symbolic of lord god or the essence of Isis and Osiris. I came across a picture on a page that claims that it has been proven Free masonry worships Lucifer. Hardy har har har. Lucifer is Venus dippy. Free masons are aware of all the celestial bodies and what they mean. Dipshitz on the other hand believe snakes can talk. They believe some guy can part the ocean with the wave of his hands. They believe horses can fly and bushes can hold conversations without ever realizing how ridiculous it all really is.
There is never just one point but infinite points all waiting to be observed. 

There is no point in arguing with fools let them think what they want it is their right to do so. If they want to believe the world is flat more power to them. I have observed the shadow of the earth on the moon over and over again. It is just one little observation that leads to mountains of evidence to be observed. A fool is nothing more than someone who has been fooled yet it is up to them and only them to awaken the mind to a self taught reality. Some things just cannot be. Masons do not worship Satan or Lucifer because they have always known they do not exist outside of being Saturn and Venus. They may on the other hand want the masses to believe they do exist because that allows them to maintain a solid footing above the fools who believe such nonsense. While you fear and run from something that does not exist you fail to see and realize the evident power of the all. The angles of light energy commonly called angels. The four corners of the earth are the cardinal points on the zodiac. The angels standing there are the angles of light energy of the particular age and alignment of the all. Most things are not as you were taught. The world is not run by and work the way you have been taught to believe. Intuition can not be found on the outside. Read the word and realize the kingdom is within. In those sacred chambers nothing but truth can exist.