Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mr Mojo Risin gotta keep on risin! Holy = wholly, being one with the creator is to become whole.

The origin of the word hour is very interesting it comes from the Egyptian god Horus, and Horus in Egyptian mythology is the son of the god Osirus. Horus is symbolic of the sun and the sun is considered to be the Horus savior of the world. This makes Horus the savior of the world in Egyptian mythology. Also, the savior of the world is called the christ. Horus is depicted as a god with a falcon head. Now we come to Ancient Egypt. More than 3,000 years before Christianity began, the early morning "Sun/ Saviour" was pictured in Egypt as the "New Born Babe". The infant saviour’s name was "HORUS". When the sunrise (daybreak) came it was said that the savior (horus) has risen.  And every morning when the savior (horus / sun) rose it was considered a new born babe.

 In Egyptian mythology the early morning Sun or "New Born Babe", was pictured in two ways.
    A) The Dove – Bringer of Peace
    B) The Hawk – God of War (who punishes the enemies of God!).

 At daybreak. this wonderful, newborn child, God’s ‘Sun’, is … ‘Born Again’ Horus is Risen. Even today, when the Sun comes up, we see it on the "Horus-Risen", or "Horizon". His life was also divided into 12 parts or steps across Heaven each day: 12 HORUS = 12 HOURS. This is the origin of the modern " 12 Step Program". Horus is the (new-born) Sun, or the Bringer of the Light. In Latin, Light Bringer is Lucis, or Lucifer, or Luke. (Venus the light bringer)

So the name hour comes from Horus and the day is divided into 24 hours. In the early morning we can see the sun on the horizon or horus-risen. When the sun set (goes down and darkness comes) darkness comes and the devil and evil comes out at night and people are afraid of darkness. But in the morning the sun (savior /horus/ new born baby) rises and chases away the darkness (night and evil). When the sun rises the people are happy and no longer fear the night.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rebuilding the temple on the mount. Solomons Temple is allegory!

The temple on the mount or Solomon's temple is not made of bricks and mortar. It is the human body. When we manifest here our temple has been torn down we are a blank slate. Our mission is to re discover who we are. Our missing is to rebuild our temple by ascending to the top. The temple is the body and the mount is at the top of the mind. The mount or the mountain. There is only one way to the top of the mountain. It is a silent inward journey to awaken the third eye or the eye of god. Physical growth is outward Spiritual growth is inward there is no other directions needed. No one can teach anyone how to meditate. It is something everyone has to learn for themselves. The process of learning or awakening reveals the truth and the way to enlightenment. Millions and millions of Jew's and millions and millions of Christians are waiting for a temple of blocks and mortar to be built in which case a war must be fought over a stupid worthless piece of land. All the while they are so ignorant of their own scriptures and so ignorant and blind to their own existence they will wait for ever. I have read these words and searched for the meaning most of my life. The journey inward unlocks intuition it unlocks the doorway to the higher mind function. So many people fail to realize that Jesus is the sun and Christ is a form or level of consciousness. When we say Jesus Christ we are saying sun consciousness. There is a lot of misunderstanding in the world of humans.
Don't take my word for it. Take the journey inward yourself. Give up all this nonsense we call material or physical as it all leads no where. There is only one way to salvation there is only one way to be saved and that is an inward journey of silent meditation. You can writhe around flop on the floor speak in tongues and try to talk with snakes and in the end you will find yourself exactly where you are now. Completely lost and unaware. The choice is yours it  has always been yours and all you need to chose is fear or love. If you go to church because you are afraid of hell then I need not tell you what your choice will always be. Be silent be still and open your mind to the possibilities and the raising of the spirit within. There is no other way. If you are waiting for some guy named Jesus to come and lead you to paradise you are going to be waiting for ever not even realizing that the only Christ you will ever know is right there within you no where else. Christos is oil that must ascend to activate the Christ within.
If the eye be single your body will fill with light. Don't take my word for it look inward and find out for yourself there is no other way. No one on this earth can show you what you must find for yourself and no one is coming to save you from yourself.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Condemnation without investigation is a human fault" Albert Einstien. Question for the flat earthers?

Its not real important what einstien was right or wrong about. The quote is just pure logic. How can you condemn something you know absolutly nothing about. You cannot unles you are letting someone else to tell you what to believe such as religion. Religions like to do your thinking for you. I have a saying that all information is worth reading at least once. If you are awake and aware your intuition will be clear.
If you believe the earth is flat I have a question or would like an explanation. How do the equinoxes and solstices work on your flat earth. If nothing else let it be more investigation on my part. I am all interested in how you explain. I have listened to many videos, radio shows, as well as reading some for my investigation. I have found more holes in and bullshit to the stories than anything else. It is a nice spin for those numbskulls who will believe such a theory. Its the way of the wourld we live in. If you polish bullshit and spin it the right way you can fool a lot of people. You see it plenty on tv I am sure especially on the news programs. I have many more questions but we will start with this one. I am mostly interested in how they or you will explain the four seasons, equinoxs position of the sun and soltice's. I have doubts that any of it will make any sense but lets here it. Care to explain send a message leave a comment I dont care.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Desperate times require desperate measures!

Something to take notice and observe. December 21 2012 we crossed over into the beginning of Aquarious. You might call it the galactic passover. It fits with global warming no matter the cause. It is written about many many thousands of years ago as the time of the golden age. Many people are waking up that is why we all find ourselves here seeking same and similar knowledge. Our minds are coming alive it is only natural the rulling entities of the world plan the future by the ages or eons they have owned the future for many thousands of years. What we are seeing is a desperate attempt to try and maintain control. As more people wake up their efforts will have to intensify. Thats why we have 13 presidential candidates. Thats why everything is so extreme. The question is will they maintain control and force the human race back into the darks ages. During the last they forced the entire world to believe their literal religion. They forced people to believe the earth was flat. If you look at history it is plain to see what was going on. We are at that place again. Will we prevail and continue on our ascencian or will they force us to submit. At the place I stand I will die before I give up. I agree with Sitting bull. Today is a good day to die and no one can hurt me without my permission. Something to wonder in the days to come. There is no such thing as coincidence and the world is not flat. Times are desperate expect the unexpected. Intuition comes to mind and reflection shows us much. Meditation opens the door to intuition.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Are you awake? Or are you still one of the zombies?

Its very sad but very true. At least 80% of Americans are right brain dead. They works tirelessly to just make ends meet. The other half of their time they sit in front of the tube being told what to do what to think and when to react. Its an observation that is easy to make once you disconnect from all the noise, confusion, and distractions of the human condition that are designed to keep you brain dead and unaware. If you cant see the truth and believe all of this is just normal human behavior you are only proving my point and you are totally unaware. People tell me all the time well I just like to watch football or the news or on and on and on. My point is if you are brain dead you cant see how everything you see on the tube is mostly just stupid or conjecture. Its a no brainer why every news program has groups of personalities. That way there is someone for every one to listen to side with and be told what to think. Politics is no different. They have many candidates to take people to the polls so they know how to keep control of your half dead brain. As long as you continue to watch as long as you continue to play and watch the stupid games you will never realize how mind numbing stupid it all is. Everything gets worse and more extreme because as more people wake up the controllers and rulers of the would find it more and more difficult to maintain control. That's why this election we have what 13 candidates. Donald Trump for President? WTF that proves my point. I cant listen to Trump blow himself for even a fraction of a second without feeling surrounded by stupid. Don't take my word for it. Take a break turn off the tube turn it all off. Go for a walk in the forest, read a book, go visit your kids or your parents. 3 months away from the electronic noise and unimportant bullshit you are surrounded with and your eye will begin to open. Everyone is home problem is the light is NOT on. If you think you wont survive without survivor or any other stupid tv program are just adding more evidence to the book that says you are brain dead. Church and religion is no different. No one reads and learns how to understand the bible. They would rather listen to some idiot like Jerry Falwell tell them what to think while constantly reminding them they need to send him money. The mind is the same thing. On average humans are conditioned to use only 10% of their mind and then they submit that measly 10% for something else to influence their lives. Most people think the pyramid on the dollar bill is evil. Just more proof you don't know shit if that is what you think. It is symbolic of the human pyramid. The block at the top with the one eye is symbolic of the block that the builders rejected and the one eye of god. If you think that is nonsense or you don't know what I am talking about it just proves you know nothing about your bible. You do not read it you do not know how to read it and you do not understand it you let some greedy bastard or organisation steal your mind, your money, and your soul. Its time to wake up now. Truth is found with knowledge and the truth will set you free. If you are one of the zombies you don't have a clue what I am talking about. If that is the case, you think the word Jesus answers all questions. If you think you will go to hell and burn for ever and ever if you question and seek knowledge well that might be your first clue you need to turn off the bullshit go within and find yourself. Jesus says the kingdom of god is within you. Solomons temple is within you. Christ only exists within you. He speaks in parable and what he says is if your eye be single light will fill your body and truth will set you free! If you do not know what that means it is time to learn the truth. If you want to begin your journey into the light of the day here is a few links to get you started.
Hidden meanings of the bible. Bill Donahue
Mr Astrotheology Santos Bonacci
Marty Leeds  Marty Leeds
The 21st Century a new beginning! Manly Palmer Hall

Oil prices vs methanol god and the seven seals

In the past decade gas at the pump has already far exceeded the cost per barrel to make methanol a profitable fuel. Don't expect anyone to say anything about it though. They have been adding methanol to fuel for 3 decades now. The fuel you are burning today is much more methanol than you think. Oil companies receive billions for oil exploration and recovery every year they don't want to give up the cash cow. The government doesn't care either because the people pay for everything. I would suppose the fracking had an entirely different purpose than what we are told. No reason to worry or speculate because we all know very well the people running this world do what ever they want any way. It doesn't matter how much you complain or whine. I've been saying for years they only way to stop them is curd how you spend money. Realize how much income you have to spend on taxes and material items you don't really need. It seems rather ironic that the consumerism and material lives we lead and thing we need are the root of all of our problems. One secret to the pyramid or pyramid scheme is all currency runs up hill. 89% of all the money in the world belongs to those at the top of the pyramid to such an extent that we can never catch up. Just as Pacal Votan predicted it will continue to get worse and worse unless people turn off the tube open their mind and eye to realize how stupid it all is. War is stupid, materialism is stupid, consumerism is yes stupid. Don't take my word for it I will tell you the same thing I was told over twenty years ago. Turn off the idiot tube and the RA DIO for morons for just six months. Give up all the stuff that kills your pineal gland and your right brain function. Get inside yourself and obtain the kingdom which belongs to every human being not just those with money. Anyone can become an Illuminati all you need to do is illuminate yourself. The secret is in most every one's favorite per say book in this country. Go inside your self and meditate. The only place you will find the kingdom of god or Solomon's temple is within your ram or higher mind. When you find the eye at the top of the pyramid Light will fill your body. Its all there read it for yourself don't listen to some blather head you just wants 10% of your money for bullshit. Its just one more thing you spend money on that you never needed in the first place.

None of these images are satanic, luciferian, or evil in any way. Don't judge them just because you know nothing about them. They are all symbolic and tell the inner workings of the human body, brain, and cerebral spinal fluid system and much more if you care to get into and learn the symbolic meaings and how to decipher.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

God is Light! Dont take my word for it its in the bible! Angels of light energy!

You see a rock it appears to be motionless. You understand and know that within the nucleus of each atom the particles are moving at light speed. It conjures up the old joke I can travel at the speed of light! Oh yeah! Lemme see! OK Wanna see it again. It is because you cannot leave until you get back it is a loop of motion. When you see the rock is motionless you know it is not. The atoms function at light speed therefore they appear motionless we cannot see light speed movement. Yes I have heard it quiried before "who cares?" well we know at least one person does but the truth is it doenst matter :) who cares! it is fact. It is just a thought that is attracted to another which allows information to flow like water or electricity to the path of less resistance. That is what meditation is all about. It is wrtten jesus said the kingdom of god is within you. To ascend to the heaven, ram, or nirvana you must meditate. You must go within yourself. Meditation appears to be motionless how ever when I meditate I travel at the speed of light. Light is god I need no other explanation. It isnt faith because I know it is true. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A deadpool is an exhausted oil field. #deadpool #astrotheology #science of light

its not dead poo L    it is oil pools are dead the pool is dead ladies and gentlemen we have finally reached the bottom of the barrel it is time to change the future we cannot change today the 2% know this very well that is why they plan 2160 years into the future to the point when they have power to influence what people believe and fill their coffers with cash and assets. Who are the 2%? Some say the Illuminati. Some say devil worshippers. That's ridiculous they know full well there is no devil. I say they are the illuminated ones who hold the secrets to their power within. Anyone can become illuminated no one can stop you. Though it isn't easy to give up everything you were taught. Everything you were given at birth. It is worth the effort you will see when you arrive. Its the right ascension. Right is east where the sun on the horizon reach the sky and makes it day odd isn't it :) how the right side of god actually means just that because it is the right brain. Face north sunrise is to the east. The sun is right ascending therefor being on the right side of god is going into meditation ascending to the top and activating the pineal and the right side of the brain. Its all science it doesn't matter what your religion the story is in the book. That's how I know they all tell the same story. It is written that god is light. The lowest degree's of light produce the effect of darkness the highest degree's of light is far beyond our vision that is why it is written no one will or can see god unless the eye be single. Oh wow I am an Illuminati and I laugh because there is no devil the bull Taurus has the tallest intimidating horns if the devil were real it would receive the horns before he exults. No one can stop the bull from pushing the sun into summer. LOL The lord is every where yet cannot be seen! What do you imagine that means? :) I don't have faith I don't believe I know where the right side of god is.
You have to ask yourself at some point. How did the ancient Greeks and Egyptians obtain so much knowledge about the universe, the human body, and how everything works including the Magic (magii) of light. Why is the Jesus right hand always pointing up? Many say as above so below the principle of correspondence. That is also correct it is also saying the right side of god is ascension. The right brain. Don't take my word for it it is all in the bible look it up for yourself.
The frequency of the sun is 126.22Hz which is the key of C why else would C be the middle note on a piano. The piano is related to pI PI : ANO  .... The piano is tuned to and based on the frequencies in nature and the universe.
PI EEC  or pi sces or should I say peace!

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Solar alignment cosmic energy higher consciousness and oneness!

Suppose for a moment that Dec 21 2012 was a cosmic alignment of the sun with the equator of the galaxy and the planets also play a role. Well I mean we can prove and see the alignment but does it change the cosmic energy. Well of course it has to we have many years of evidence of the changes in the sun cycles and how they affect the earth. Suppose the energy on that day or time period was of the nature to activate a genetic mutation or evolutionary energy of change you might say. We know how to make genetically modified living organisms with chemistry I know for modified foods they inject a virus and the fruit or vegetable mutates. Kind of makes one wonder what all the vaccinations are all about. I would say that our rulers since the beginning of the old and new testament was just like some people teach. Bill Donahue for one. They destroyed and took away the information and replaced it with the personification of the myth. I am really surprised today as well as in 2012 that anyone is foolish enough to believe the literal version. Meditate and inward reflection. Everyone received the cosmic energy though not knowing what to do or not being prepared would prevent Ascension. Meditation is sitting or being some where away from all the distractions of everyday life. Working all day and coming home to sit in front of the boob tube is just another form of control. I call it distraction. I would compare it to being in Marine training at mcrd. You are told everything you are not allowed to speak for two months except to say yes sir no sir. You are taught that you are going to kill gods enemies to fight and kill for god and country. Still there is only one choice either fear or love. If we fear death if we fear anything if we fear burning in hell for ever we are under the spell of the church. Gospel (go spell) is god spell in disguise. Well it is a line of thought to start the reflection for the evening. No matter what love is the key to the top of the mountain, fear is the key for allowing others to control your mind and soul. The eve hides in the lowest degree's of light or lets say you are in the dark. Give it a thought. You might imagine ascension is very lonely going into one self and avoiding society and social activity. Once inside though you realize the oneness of everything. The one it is not an unfamiliar phrase. Thousands of stories reflect oneness and most people don't even see it. The bible is the same. It tells you, you do not need anyone to teach you. If the eye be single your body will fill with light and all true knowledge will be revealed. That is revelation! Revealation happens at right ascension. Dont take my word for it turn off the boob tube, turn off all the noise, let go of all the mind numbing anxiety of the weight you are burdened with every day and meditate. Decide for yourself once you begin to control your own mind again. There is only ever one choice and love is on the inside at the heart and the stair way leads to the top. 

There is a very informative collection of work at Bill Donahue's website. I also have to give him credit for most of what I wrote. I have learned more from him in the last couple of years than I did in 12 years of high school.
Visit the site here. . I would also recomend listening to Marty Leeds, Santos Bonacci, Jordan Maxwell and Manly P Hall.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jesus is the sun of god. Let me share my point of view. Thats all it is my knowing or understanding of my life experience so far.

First of all if you believe you will go to hell and burn for ever for seeking knowledge or reading a book you are just being silly. Silly, that's the nicest word I can think of that applies.
I have always known that Jesus is the sun. I can still remember in bible school and sunday school as a child I would follow in the book and look at the pictures. I heard them say son of god and I saw the sun in the book or pamphlet they read from. I got it Jesus is the sun it fit the story just fine there was no magic just the sun. I noticed the symbolism not because I knew anything just because I couldnt read at first when I could I never read the guy teaching was reading it. I spent my entire life at first believeing jesus is metaphor and now I know it is so. The evidence leaves no room for doubt at all. For most of my life I considered myself an athiest and I knew the religions and churchs were lying or they just believed the nonsense themselves. I have always considered the literal story a fairy tell. Something that was designed to make people feel better about being a mortal facing death and at the same time control and use them. At some point I started listening to people who had spent their whole lives learning and researching such things. I am not a great teacher even though I never stop thinking talking about and researching.
Since the internet came into existance information is at our finger tips and most of it is free.
Jordan Maxwell was the first person I listened to. I would say his knowledge that interested me the most would be language, history and symbolism.
Santos Bonnaci was the next teacher I ran into. I would say his speacialty is jastrotheology astrology the zodiac and syncretism. He also referrences a lot of sources for reading. Like all good teachers they always say dont take my word for it go here and read it for your self. I did.
Next I found Marty Leads. His specialty is numerology. Very interesting how it ties in with all the mythical stories including all religious text they are all allegorical.
Bill Donahue was the next teacher I found. He has a very extensive video library online. I would say he teaches one how to read the bible as well as other religious text. It is the most interesting and truthful bible studies I have ever been involved in.
YOu can find all of them online at Youtube and many more who are in the same general catagory. One thing I have learned is the more you study and learn the more you know and we reveal the truth with intuition at some point. Everything just fits and makes perfect sense. The most interesting point would be that if you are listening to someone talk about and teach the literal story prepare yourself for a very interesting journey with more information that you ever thought you would know. A revelation is when information or knowledge is revealed. The hidden meanings will be easier to find and understand the more you look and learn. These days I cant look at anything without trying to find hidden or alternate meanings. It becomes a habit like anything else. If you wanna believe one word answer all curiosity its none of my business and your loss.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Open your heart chose love let your body fill with light!

Heaven can only be an out of body experience yet anicient wisdom tells us heaven is in the top the ra or ram, the brain or mind. If the eye be single light will fill your body! The eye of ra is in my head and yours. The only place it was ever to be found.  To reach the violet chokra one must give up the physical, the material, the very carbon atoms that make up our bodies. There's only one choice love or fear. Somedays I imagine most people fear the thought of ginving anything up let alone their mortal body.

Lao tsu
"One does less and less until one does nothing at all
When one does nothing at all there is nothing undone"

The crown chokra is the seventh seal. It was named pineal by the very bible we read. When the pineal is active you open the seventh seal in order to passover the heart chokra to open this single I or eye you must give up everything because you see when we leave this body it is no longer useful to us it is made up of 666 which is the atomic number of a carbon atom or adam literally. The exhaltation of the heart can only ascend with love from there we move into the as above and leave the 666 as below.
You know what our friend Jesus says if the eye be single light will enter or fill your body. The window is the fornex in the mind where energy light and oil (christos) travels to the pineal. Its really just science. I dont care what verse page or chapter you read. I had a dream and envisioned that the great pyramid is showing us the way to heaven through the fornex which is a chamber a triangle that leads to pineal. The mind is a consciousness it sends and receives.

Dont take my word for it it is in the book I dont care what religion what church its in the book. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

It is impossible to learn to much intuition will reveal the truth as you learn.

Heard an interesting quote this evening.
"The only redeemer is a clear conscious the only heaven is a state of mind"
You have to remember Jesus is a metaphor for the sun same as every other sun god name!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hermetic principle of correspondence.

The teachings of the all is infinite!


    "As above, so below; as below, so above."--The Kybalion.
The great Second Hermetic Principle embodies the truth that there is a harmony, agreement, and correspondence between the several planes of Manifestation, Life and Being. This truth is a truth because all that is included in the Universe emanates from the same source, and the same laws, principles, and characteristics apply to each unit, or combination of units, of activity, as each manifests its own phenomena upon its own plane.
For the purpose of convenience of thought and study, the Hermetic Philosophy considers that the Universe may be divided into three great classes of phenomena, known as the Three Great Planes, namely:
    1. The Great Physical Plane.
    2. The Great Mental Plane.
    3. The Great Spiritual Plane.
These divisions are more or less artificial and arbitrary, for the truth is that all of the three divisions are but ascending degrees of the great scale of Life, the lowest point of which is undifferentiated Matter, and the highest point that of Spirit. And, moreover, the different Planes shade into each other, so that no hard and fast division may be made between the higher phenomena of the Physical and the lower of the Mental; or between the higher of the Mental and the lower of the Physical.
In short, the Three Great Planes may be regarded as three great groups of degrees of Life Manifestation. While the purposes of this little book do not allow us to enter into an extended discussion of, or explanation of, the subject of these different planes, still we think it well to give a general description of the same at this point.
At the beginning we may as well consider the question so often asked by the neophyte, who desires to be informed regarding the meaning of the word "Plane", which term has been very freely used, and very poorly explained, in many recent works upon the subject of occultism. The question is generally about as follows: "Is a Plane a place having dimensions, or is it merely a condition or state?" We answer: "No, not a place, nor ordinary dimension of space; and yet more than a state or condition. It may be considered as a state or condition, and yet the state or condition is a degree of dimension, in a scale subject to measurement." Somewhat paradoxical, is it not? But let us examine the matter. A "dimension," you know, is "a measure in a straight line, relating to measure," etc. The ordinary dimensions of space are length, breadth, and height, or perhaps length, breadth, height, thickness or circumference. But there is another dimension of "created things" or "measure in a straight line," known to occultists, and to scientists as well, although the latter have not as yet applied the term "dimension" to it--and this new dimension, which, by the way, is the much speculated -about "Fourth Dimension," is the standard used in determining the degrees or "planes."
This Fourth Dimension may be called "The Dimension of Vibration" It is a fact well known to modern science, as well as to the Hermetists who have embodied the truth in their "Third Hermetic Principle," that "everything is in motion; everything vibrates; nothing is at rest." From the highest manifestation, to the lowest, everything and all things Vibrate. Not only do they vibrate at different rates of motion, but as in different directions and in a different manner. The degrees of the rate of vibrations constitute the degrees of measurement on the Scale of Vibrations--in other words the degrees of the Fourth Dimension. And these degrees form what occultists call "Planes" The higher the degree of rate of vibration, the higher the plane, and the higher the manifestation of Life occupying that plane. So that while a plane is not "a place," nor yet "a state or condition," yet it possesses qualities common to both. We shall have more to say regarding the subject of the scale of Vibrations in our next lessons, in which we shall consider the Hermetic Principle of Vibration.
You will kindly remember, however, that the Three Great Planes are not actual divisions of the phenomena of the Universe, but merely arbitrary terms used by the Hermetists in order to aid in the thought and study of the various degrees and Forms of universal activity and life. The atom of matter, the unit of force, the mind of man, and the being of the arch -angel are all but degrees in one scale, and all fundamentally the same, the difference between solely a matter of degree, and rate of vibration--all are creations of THE ALL, and have their existence solely within the Infinite Mind of THE ALL.
The Hermetists sub-divide each of the Three Great Planes into Seven Minor Planes, and each of these latter are also sub-divided into seven sub-planes, all divisions being more or less arbitrary, shading into each other, and adopted merely for convenience of scientific study and thought.
The Great Physical Plane, and its Seven Minor Planes, is that division of the phenomena of the Universe which includes all that relates to physics, or material things, forces, and manifestations. It includes all forms of that which we call Matter, and all forms of that which we call Energy or Force. But you must remember that the Hermetic Philosophy does not recognize Matter as a thing in itself, or as having a separate existence even in the Mind of THE ALL. The Teachings are that Matter is but a form of Energy--.that is, Energy at a low rate of vibrations of a certain kind. And accordingly the Hermetists classify Matter under the head of Energy, and give to it three of the Seven Minor Planes of the Great Physical Plane.
These Seven Minor Physical Planes are as follows:
    1. The Plane of Matter (A)
    2. The Plane of Matter (B)
    3. The Plane of Matter (C)
    4. The Plane of Ethereal Substance
    5. The Plane of Energy (A)
    6. The Plane of Energy (B)
    7. The Plane of Energy (C)
The Plane of Matter (A) comprises the forms of Matter in its form of solids, liquids, and gases, as generally recognized by the text-books on physics. The Plane of Matter (B) comprises certain higher and more subtle forms of Matter of the existence of which modern science is but now recognizing, the phenomena of Radiant Matter, in its phases of radium, etc., belonging to the lower sub-division of this Minor Plane. The Plane of Matter (C) comprises forms of the most subtle and tenuous Matter, the existence of which is not suspected by ordinary scientists. The Plane of Ethereal Substance comprises that which science speaks of as "The Ether", a substance of extreme tenuity and elasticity, pervading all Universal Space, and acting as a medium for the transmission of waves of energy, such as light, heat, electricity, etc. This Ethereal Substance forms a connecting link between Matter (so-called) and Energy, and partakes of the nature of each. The Hermetic Teachings, however, instruct that this plane has seven sub-divisions (as have all of the Minor Planes), and that in fact there are seven ethers, instead of but one.
Next above the Plane of Ethereal Substance comes the Plane of Energy (A), which comprises the ordinary forms of Energy known to science, its seven sub-planes being, respectively, Heat; Light; Magnetism; Electricity, and Attraction (including Gravitation, Cohesion, Chemical Affinity, etc.) and several other forms of energy indicated by scientific experiments but not as yet named or classified. The Plane of Energy (B) comprises seven subplanes of higher forms of energy not as yet discovered by science, but which have been called "Nature's Finer Forces" and which are called into operation in manifestations of certain forms of mental phenomena, and by which such phenomena becomes possible. The Plane of Energy (C) comprises seven sub-planes of energy so highly organized that it bears many of the characteristics of "life," but which is not recognized by the minds of men on the ordinary plane of development, being available for the use on beings of the Spiritual Plane alone--such energy is unthinkable to ordinary man, and may be considered almost as "the divine power." The beings employing the same are as "gods" compared even to the highest human types known to us.
The Great Mental Plane comprises those forms of "living things" known to us in ordinary life, as well as certain other forms not so well known except to the occultist. The classification of the Seven Minor Mental Planes is more or less satisfactory and arbitrary (unless accompanied by elaborate explanations which are foreign to the purpose of this particular work), but we may as well mention them. They are as follows:
    1. The Plane of Mineral Mind
    2. The Plane of Elemental Mind (A)
    3. The Plane of Plant Mind
    4. The Plane of Elemental Mind (B)
    5. The Plane of Animal Mind
    6. The Plane of Elemental Mind (C)
    7. The Plane of Human Mind
The Plane of Mineral Mind comprises the "states or conditions" of the units or entities, or groups and combinations of the same, which animate the forms known to us as "minerals, chemicals, etc." These entities must not be confounded with the molecules, atoms and corpuscles themselves, the latter being merely the material bodies or forms of these entities, just as a man's body is but his material form and not "himself." These entities may be called "souls" in one sense, and are living beings of a low degree of development, life, and mind--just a little more than the units of "living energy" which comprise the higher sub-divisions of the highest Physical Plane. The average mind does not generally attribute the possession of mind, soul, or life, to the mineral kingdom, but all occultists recognize the existence of the same, and modern science is rapidly moving forward to the point-of-view of the Hermetic, in this respect. The molecules, atoms and corpuscles have their "loves and hates"; "likes and dislikes"; "attractions and repulsions". "affinities and non-affinities," etc., and some of the more daring of modern scientific minds have expressed the opinion that the desire and will, emotions and feelings, of the atoms differ only in degree from those of men. We have no time or space to argue this matter here. All occultists know it to be a fact, and others are referred to some of the more recent scientific works for outside corroboration. There are the usual seven sub-divisions to this plane.
The Plane of Elemental Mind (A) comprises the state or condition, and degree of mental and vital development of a class of entities unknown to the average man, but recognized to occultists. They are invisible to the ordinary senses of man, but, nevertheless, exist and play their part of the Drama of the Universe. Their degree of intelligence is between that of the mineral and chemical entities on the one hand, and of the entities of the plant kingdom on the other. There are seven subdivisions to this plane, also.
The Plane of Plant Mind, in its seven sub-divisions, comprises the states or conditions of the entities comprising the kingdoms of the Plant World, the vital and mental phenomena of which is fairly well understood by the average intelligent person, many new and interesting scientific works regarding "Mind and Life in Plants" having been published during the last decade. Plants have life, mind and "souls," as well as have the animals, man, and super-man.
The Plane of Elemental Mind (B), in its seven sub-divisions, comprises the states and conditions of a higher form of "elemental" or unseen entities, playing their part in the general work of the Universe, the mind and life of which form a part of the scale between the Plane of Plant Mind and the Plane of Animal Mind, the entities partaking of the nature of both.
The Plane of Animal Mind, in its seven sub-divisions, comprises the states and conditions of the entities, beings, or souls, animating the animal forms of life, familiar to us all. It is not necessary to go into details regarding this kingdom or plane of life, for the animal world is as familiar to us as is our own.
The Plane of Elemental Mind (C), in its seven sub-divisions, comprises those entities or beings, invisible as are all such elemental forms, which partake of the nature of both animal and human life in a degree and in certain combinations. The highest forms are semi-human in intelligence.
The Plane of Human Mind, in its seven sub-divisions, comprises those manifestations of life and mentality which are common to Man, in his various grades, degrees, and divisions. In this connection, we wish to point out the fact that the average man of today occupies but the fourth sub-division of the Plane of Human Mind, and only the most intelligent have crossed the borders of the Fifth Sub-Division. It has taken the race millions of years to reach this stage, and it will take many more years for the race to move on to the sixth and seventh sub-divisions, and beyond. But, remember, that there have been races before us which have passed through these degrees, and then on to higher planes. Our own race is the fifth (with stragglers from the fourth) which has set foot upon The Path. And, then there are a few advanced souls of our own race who have outstripped the masses, and who have passed on to the sixth and seventh sub-division, and some few being still further on. The man of the Sixth Sub-Division will be "The Super-Man"; he of the Seventh will be "The Over-Man."
In our consideration of the Seven Minor Mental Planes, we have merely referred to the Three Elementary Planes in a general way. We do not wish to go into this subject in detail in this work, for it does not belong to this part of the general philosophy and teachings. But we may say this much, in order to give you a little clearer idea, of the relations of these planes to the more familiar ones--the Elementary Planes bear the same relation to the Planes of Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human Mentality and Life, that the black keys on the piano do to the white keys. The white keys are sufficient to produce music, but there are certain scales, melodies, and harmonies, in which the black keys play their part, and in which their presence is necessary. They are also necessary as "connecting links" of soul-condition; entity states, etc., between the several other planes, certain forms of development being attained therein--this last fact giving to the reader who can "read between the lines" a new light upon the processes of Evolution, and a new key to the secret door of the "leaps of life" between kingdom and kingdom. The great kingdoms of Elementals are fully recognized by all occultists, and the esoteric writings are full of mention of them. The readers of Bulwer's "Sanoni" and similar tales will recognize the entities inhabiting these planes of life.
Passing on from the Great Mental Plane to the Great Spiritual Plane, what shall we say? How can we explain these higher states of Being, Life and Mind, to minds as yet unable to grasp and understand the higher subdivisions of the Plane of Human Mind? The task is impossible. We can speak only in the most general terms. How may Light be described to a man born blind--how sugar, to a man who has never tasted anything sweet--how harmony, to one born deaf?
All that we can say is that the Seven Minor Planes of the Great Spiritual Plane (each Minor Plane having its seven sub-divisions) comprise Beings possessing Life, Mind and Form as far above that of Man of to-day as the latter is above the earth-worm, mineral or even certain forms of Energy or Matter. The Life of these Beings so far transcends ours, that we cannot even think of the details of the same; their minds so far transcend ours, that to them we scarcely seem to "think," and our mental processes seem almost akin to material processes; the Matter of which their forms are composed is of the highest Planes of Matter, nay, some are even said to be "clothed in Pure Energy." What may be said of such Beings?
On the Seven Minor Planes of the Great Spiritual Plane exist Beings of whom we may speak as Angels; Archangels; Demi-Gods. On the lower Minor Planes dwell those great souls whom we call Masters and Adepts. Above them come the Great Hierarchies of the Angelic Hosts, unthinkable to man; and above those come those who may without irreverence be called "The Gods," so high in the scale of Being are they, their being, intelligence and power being akin to those attributed by the races of men to their conceptions of Deity. These Beings are beyond even the highest flights of the human imagination, the word "Divine" being the only one applicable to them. Many of these Beings, as well as the Angelic Host, take the greatest interest in the affairs of the Universe and play an important part in its affairs. These Unseen Divinities and Angelic Helpers extend their influence freely and powerfully, in the process of Evolution, and Cosmic Progress. Their occasional intervention and assistance in human affairs have led to the many legends, beliefs, religions and traditions of the race, past and present. They have superimposed their knowledge and power upon the world, again and again, all under the Law of THE ALL, of course.
But, yet, even the highest of these advanced Beings exist merely as creations of, and in, the Mind of THE ALL, and are subject to the Cosmic Processes and Universal Laws. They are still Mortal. We may call them "gods" if we like, but still they are but the Elder Brethren of the Race,--the advanced souls who have outstripped their brethren, and who have foregone the ecstasy of Absorption by THE ALL, in order to help the race on its upward journey along The Path. But, they belong to the Universe, and are subject to its conditions--they are mortal--and their plane is below that of Absolute Spirit.
Only the most advanced Hermetists are able to grasp the Inner Teachings regarding the state of existence, and the powers manifested on the Spiritual Planes. The phenomena is so much higher than that of the Mental Planes that a confusion of ideas would surely result from an attempt to describe the same. Only those whose minds have been carefully trained along the lines of the Hermetic Philosophy for years--yes, those who have brought with them from other incarnations the knowledge acquired previously--can comprehend just what is meant by the Teaching regarding these Spiritual Planes. And much of these Inner Teachings is held by the Hermetists as being too sacred, important and even dangerous for general public dissemination. The intelligent student may recognize what we mean by this when we state that the meaning of "Spirit" as used by the Hermetists is akin to "Living Power"; "Animated Force;" "Inner Essence;" "Essence of Life," etc., which meaning must not be confounded with that usually and commonly employed in connection with the term, i.e., "religious; ecclesiastical; spiritual; ethereal; holy," etc., etc. To occultists the word "Spirit" is used in the sense of "The Animating Principle," carrying with it the idea of Power, Living Energy, Mystic Force, etc. And occultists know that that which is known to them as "Spiritual Power" may be employed for evil as well as good ends (in accordance with the Principle of Polarity), a fact which has been recognized by the majority of religions in their conceptions of Satan, Beelzebub, the Devil, Lucifer, Fallen Angels, etc. And so the knowledge regarding these Planes has been kept in the Holy of Holies in all Esoteric Fraternities and Occult Orders,--in the Secret Chamber of the Temple. But this may be said here, that those who have attained high spiritual powers and have misused them, have a terrible fate in store for them, and the swing of the pendulum of Rhythm will inevitably swing them back to the furthest extreme of Material existence, from which point they must retrace their steps Spiritward, along the weary rounds of The Path, but always with the added torture of having always with them a lingering memory of the heights from which they fell owing to their evil actions. The legends of the Fallen Angels have a basis in actual facts, as all advanced occultists know. The striving for selfish power on the Spiritual Planes inevitably results in the selfish soul losing its spiritual balance and falling back as far as it had previously risen. But to even such a soul, the opportunity of a return is given--and such souls make the return journey, paying the terrible penalty according to the invariable Law.
In conclusion we would again remind you that according to the Principle of Correspondence, which embodies the truth: "As Above so Below; as Below, so Above," all of the Seven Hermetic Principles are in full operation on all of the many planes, Physical Mental and Spiritual. The Principle of Mental Substance of course applies to all the planes, for all are held in the Mind of THE ALL. The Principle of Correspondence manifests in all, for there is a correspondence, harmony and agreement between the several planes. The Principle of Vibration manifests on all planes, in fact the very differences that go to make the "planes" arise from Vibration, as we have explained. The Principle of Polarity manifests on each plane, the extremes of the Poles being apparently opposite and contradictory. The Principle of Rhythm manifests on each Plane, the movement of the phenomena having its ebb and flow, rise and flow, incoming and outgoing. The Principle of Cause and Effect manifests on each Plane, every Effect having its Cause and every Cause having its effect. The Principle of Gender manifests on each Plane, the Creative Energy being always manifest, and operating along the lines of its Masculine and Feminine Aspects.
"As Above so Below; as Below, so Above." This centuries old Hermetic axiom embodies one of the great Principles of Universal Phenomena. As we proceed with our consideration of the remaining Principles, we will see even more clearly the truth of the universal nature of this great Principle of Correspondence.