Monday, December 5, 2016

In the presence of the lord.

I was going around the park in the morning. I stopped for a moment by a bench. There were two individuals sitting there with a placard full of literature about god. As I slowed and hesitated the lady asked me if I was walking in the presence of the lord. Knowing all to well where these conversations go I decided to answer her question with a question of my own. I asked: what does the word lord mean to you? She replied: Jesus Christ is our lord and savior.
I replied: See now that is where you are wrong. You have this literature out and you never even read the word, symbolism's nor the under standing of it.
The lady asked: What do you mean? I stated: I will give you the broad strokes. See if this strikes a chord or note of truth to you. 
Taken directly from the bible not my words at all. 
Numbers 23 : 19 God is not a man nor human, 
John 1 : 5 God is Light!,
John 8 : 12 Jesus is the light of the world
Genesis 1 : 14 God said let there be lights in the firm heavens
Genesis 1 : 16 God made two great lights the greater to rule the day the lesser to rule the night.
Therefore yes I am always in the presence of the lord because the lord is light. The word Lord in ancient times actually meant light or illuminated one! 
God is light Jesus is the light of the world. Like a golden shield the sun in the sky reflects gods light to the earth and all directions. Like a bright pearl in the night sky the moon reflects the light of god received by the sun to the earth to light the night. There is more science and astrology in the bible than most religious people even know. Also why I say the bible is not a religion. The people who take all the stories literally and then judge others contrarily to what metaphor Jesus says to do. The truth gives a whole new meaning to Psalm 23 : 4 
The one that is always with me. Light or photons are traveling every where through everything and if my eye be single god ( light ) will fill my body. 
I told them both as I was leaving. May the lord be with you always for if it ever goes away we will all perish!
With a smile!