Monday, November 7, 2016

There are some major problems with religion.

The church teaches that mysticism is of the devil or evil. They teach that meditation is a sin to their laws. My observation is they lie at every turn. It is like the old saying do what I say not what I do. The reasoning is they want obedient slaves not awakened souls.
There is a double edge here. Christians believe the literal story of the metaphor Jesus or so they say. The truth to the literal story is Jesus was a man who was against the church. The metaphor was teaching that all you need to do is meditate and that the kingdom of god is within you. He taught that profit was wrong. Everything the metaphor taught was against the church and the politicians. People are so confused they believe that God put the man on a cross. It was not god nor could god intervene. It is just a story a myth. The symbol Jesus was Murdered by the same church that claimed him as a savior. Of course the church knows that Jesus is just a metaphor for the sun. The one true savior. The one true light of the world. It is a scientific fact how great the sun is. People are so obviously confused and led astray by the deception.
The myth holds the real truth. The truth they do not want you to know. The truth that many of our ancestors died for. At the noose in fire and with inhumane levels of torture the the church and rulers of the world frightened people into submission. They are still frightening people with the threat of hell and destruction.
What the myth Jesus taught within the myth or symbolic story is that you do not need the church you only need to enter within yourself. In order to do that you need to understand the hidden messages within the crucifixion story. You must crucify 5 senses. You must circumcise your animal desires. What does that mean. To not feel emotion any more. When the eyes are crucified you must rely on your third eye to see the light within. The world is so confused by lies, deception, and misrepresentation it appears that there is no hope. We are entering an age where is written we are entering the golden age of mass awakening.
I find myself flabbergasted at the level of ignorance demonstrated every single day. Jesus is a metaphor for the sun. He is the Amen which is the sun god out of Egypt. The sun has always been adored as our savior. It has had many names and personifications. I find it hard to believe that so many people can be so blind. They pretend or have faith that some guy named Attis, Apollo, Zeus, Mithra, Krishna, Buddah, Jesus and on and on were actually real men. They are all mythical characters. They are all the same character. The Sun. The moment your mind awakens you realize you need nothing at all. No thought, no feelings, no worries, no fears, no material possessions, and especially not the church . You enter within your eye becomes single and the light (god) fills your body. Yet no matter your choices life is worth every second living moment to moment. We need the Sun more than anything is this sector of the galaxy with which we thrive yet most of the world deny's that one simple fact. As soon as you accept that fact the universe and knowledge of such things becomes limitless. The Bible, Koran, and Torah even start to make sense. Amazing to gain all you must give up everything. The universe is mind and we are that universe experiencing and expressing itself.