Sunday, August 21, 2016

The human ego is not so mysterious.

The ego is left brain thinking. It is the animal or gut feeling you are always arguing with. To put it in simple terms the ego is fear. You are afraid you will be ridiculed. You are afraid you are not the best. You are afraid someone has a nicer car than you. You fear someone will have more fun than you. You are afraid people will think you are weak. It is ego it is fear. When you live in the lower consciousness you will be ruled by fear. You will be ruled by your ego. You must rise above to the higher mind and circumcise yourself from the animal thought patterns. You must let go of the fear. You will feel it coming on when someone cuts you off or speeds by you on the path you travel. Your ego will be telling you No you cant let this happen. You must win you must be aggressive you must concur this enemy. Truth be told the ego is the only enemy you have ever. Let go of the animal desire that turns your insides out. You must raise your energy your electrical spark to the higher house above. Once you cross over your heart you will see plainly how the ego works. You will also be able to make the right choice. Another choice that is based on love not fear. Remember you only ever have one single choice to make love or fear. Once you chose love you will never want to go back to the depths of your evil self.