Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The new moon is a Holy day. It always has been. There is a synchronic nature to every thing! The contemporary word Holiday has the same meaning!

Holiday is Holy day!
Its not a coincidence that there is a 4th of july celebration in every country in the world. The new moon is celebrated by every religion in the world that has ever existed. Its easy to find them. Just start with the 3 major religions in the world. They call them something else. They claim there is no connection to astrology or the moon or any of the planets. They say that is all lies created by Satan. Well of course they would right. Fear is their game. Myself I have laid satan to rest both myth and legend. There is so much more than what people are taught in school and career alike. The moon cycles are the pulse of the earth. Both electromagnetically and spiritually. Its time to wake up she says as she spreads her shimmering glare upon the earth. I hope you understand my allegory it can reveal so much if you can find the light within. It is not a secret just not taught. Look for the no mind of the self and you will find it there. First quarter moon is on the 12th. Look for the stars as it is suggested in the first book of the bible. 
In Genesis god said! (why doesnt anyone actually listen to god) God said! Let there be lights in the heavens and let them be for signs! You get my point?  Enjoy let the lion heart rule his throne to rule the day. Then we are all set! Ciao! If I dont seen you again in this life maybe I will see you in the next! Peace!