Monday, July 25, 2016

Do you know what it means to cross your heart? Well do you? I don't think so!

Some people think just because they wear a cross over their heart that they are good people. There are some people who think that just because someone wears a cross over their heart they are good people. Truth is almost no one understands what it means to cross ones heart. Not even your Priest, Reverend, Bishop, , Rabbi, nor Minister. The cross is the most prolific symbol given to us by nature. It can be experienced in seconds minutes days years and great years. The truth is no one was ever crucified. The whole story is symbolic. There is a reason that symbolic Jesus has his heart at the center of the cross intersection. There is a reason a rosary is a certain length. Because we are crossing our heart. This is truly symbolic of the inner workings of the heart. Not the cross that lay on your chest. It is symbolism. To cross ones heart is about the endocrine system, cerebrospinal fluid system. The kundalini, the two serpents of the spinal fluid system. All scriptures and religious texts are about anatomy of the human form and the astronomy of the universe. The santa clause or claustrum secretes a milky substance it flows down the spine in the serpent that leads downward and rises back up the serpent that ascends to heaven. The brain and its inner workings are fully explained in the holy bible, the Koran, and the Torah and all other religious texts. They all tell the same story. When the golden fluid reaches the pineal your body will fill with light. The reasoning behind have you see the light. To cross one's heart means you are leaving the lower realm, the gut, the 666 and ascending to the top of the mountain. Activating the pineal opens the doorway to the right brain or the right side of god or 888. God is in the brain. Symbolic Jesus said the kingdom of god is within YOU! Enter within yourself means to meditate. You can never cross your heart until you do what the metaphor is telling you to do. Circumcise yourself from the lower physical realm go within meditate and ascend to the kingdom of heaven. This is not what I believe it is what I know. There is only ever one choice in life either fear or love. You can never cross your heart with fear. So why does everyone trust their gut feelings so much. Leave the land of the beast or animal and rise up to your heaven within. The temple is on the mount or mountain. There is a reason they have been called your temples for hundreds of thousands of years. Its time to wake up the spirit within and rise up!