Sunday, May 1, 2016

What is god waiting for? Ohhhh the rapture! lol Has anyone seen gods SUN!

It should be obvious to anyone who pays attention to politics and world affairs that no God has ever nor ever will intervene to save protect or destroy. The word god itself is a human creation. Human history is hard to grasp in the moment of things. We are talking quite possibly hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Just another human created word that has no meaning in the universe except to us. e·volve
  1. 1.
    develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

There are many deniers how ever the fact is everything evolves over time. I am near 60 and I have seen it in my own life time. Plants evolve and change and so do humans. There is plenty of evidence. You have to be pretty closed off and narrow minded to deny evolution. Welcome to reality. What is real. I can see quite clearly that all of my children are hybrids of the mother and myself. In horticulture hybridizing is no mystery. It is quite common. It is an illusion that nothing every changes. Global warming for example is denied daily yet it is a fact of nature the world cools and the world heats up depending on its relative position to the sun, sun activity etc etc. You can confidently say that change is just one of the major rules of nature. Every aspect of life is about change, mutation, splitting atoms, cross breading, cross pollination. It just is and cannot be denied.
I have evolved I am much more complex in every way since the day of my birth. 
Did alien beings have a hand in creating humans as we are now? We may never know. All evidence is really just circumstantial. There may be hidden text and there may be hidden knowledge of such beginnings within secret societies, clubs, or groups. This to is only speculation. There again is evidence to support yet not prove conclusively. 
I find it interesting to think that the more information I read listen to and absorb the more my brain becomes alive. As if the usage of memory cells is more important than what you store there. The human mind has a way of sorting things out on its own. Intuition plays a big role. Being connected to the forces of nature. Before you can form a connection you must gain understanding and open your mind to it. One of the reasons I believe the bible says, Jesus says, God says, Hold no thought. Let the information flow in and through without grasping or trying to block sort or control it. The mind does all that for you. Religion teaches people not to meditate not to open up to ideas of mysticism. Religion teaches that astrology and astronomy are evil yet the bible is full of both. The bible is full of all the sciences including tonal harmonic and frequency of sound and music. Its all there all you have to do is open up to it. The greatest lie ever told is that you should be afraid of such things because they are divination. Well the same people who tell such nonsense are ignorant to the fact or are just lying. Religion began as divination and it is still used. Runes, stones, die, cards reading tea leaves all had their beginnings in some sort of religion. The Jewish and Christian practise in the early days rune stones were used most commonly the inscriptions were christian. Then they turn around and call it divination and tell you it is evil. They teach you to open your mind to Christ a metaphor as a man instead of actually teaching you what Christ is. It is all written in the bible. In reality where do you think the word divinity comes from. Devine. You are devine. It is all rooted in divination. 
I love the Internet. It is a library at your finger tips. I have found any great teachers who have spent a lifetime researching different subjects. The two the are foremost in my mind are Bill Donahue. Bill teaches the hidden meanings of the bible. He teaches the science, astrology, anatomy, astronomy and so on that is all within the pages of the bible. It is all myth or allegory. The beauty of his teaching is he references everything so you can do the research yourself and he has proved what he teaches over and over again. There are maybe 900 videos of him teaching. A lot of repetition though I see that as a good thing.

Manly P hall was probably my first major discovery. I would say all contemporaries have listened to Manly P hall you can hear it in their teachings. Manly probably reveals more mythical and hidden or occult information than any other. 

It takes a lot of time to listen. It takes a lot of time for things to sort. The knowledge and information seems to sort on its own like a jigsaw puzzle. At some point your mind develops an intuition of such things. It is an awareness or a height of awakened consciousness. This is what I call it. As your mind fills up the lights start coming on in the recesses of cells that have never been active before. More active cells more energy. The spark, the fire. Fire is purification. Pyre, pyramid
PI RA MID the human temple or pyramid is within you. Within the god given coded messages within each human all this information is already available. It is scribed in many texts all telling the same occult stories. All you have to do is open up to it. The rest is evolution. :)