Thursday, January 14, 2016

Solar alignment cosmic energy higher consciousness and oneness!

Suppose for a moment that Dec 21 2012 was a cosmic alignment of the sun with the equator of the galaxy and the planets also play a role. Well I mean we can prove and see the alignment but does it change the cosmic energy. Well of course it has to we have many years of evidence of the changes in the sun cycles and how they affect the earth. Suppose the energy on that day or time period was of the nature to activate a genetic mutation or evolutionary energy of change you might say. We know how to make genetically modified living organisms with chemistry I know for modified foods they inject a virus and the fruit or vegetable mutates. Kind of makes one wonder what all the vaccinations are all about. I would say that our rulers since the beginning of the old and new testament was just like some people teach. Bill Donahue for one. They destroyed and took away the information and replaced it with the personification of the myth. I am really surprised today as well as in 2012 that anyone is foolish enough to believe the literal version. Meditate and inward reflection. Everyone received the cosmic energy though not knowing what to do or not being prepared would prevent Ascension. Meditation is sitting or being some where away from all the distractions of everyday life. Working all day and coming home to sit in front of the boob tube is just another form of control. I call it distraction. I would compare it to being in Marine training at mcrd. You are told everything you are not allowed to speak for two months except to say yes sir no sir. You are taught that you are going to kill gods enemies to fight and kill for god and country. Still there is only one choice either fear or love. If we fear death if we fear anything if we fear burning in hell for ever we are under the spell of the church. Gospel (go spell) is god spell in disguise. Well it is a line of thought to start the reflection for the evening. No matter what love is the key to the top of the mountain, fear is the key for allowing others to control your mind and soul. The eve hides in the lowest degree's of light or lets say you are in the dark. Give it a thought. You might imagine ascension is very lonely going into one self and avoiding society and social activity. Once inside though you realize the oneness of everything. The one it is not an unfamiliar phrase. Thousands of stories reflect oneness and most people don't even see it. The bible is the same. It tells you, you do not need anyone to teach you. If the eye be single your body will fill with light and all true knowledge will be revealed. That is revelation! Revealation happens at right ascension. Dont take my word for it turn off the boob tube, turn off all the noise, let go of all the mind numbing anxiety of the weight you are burdened with every day and meditate. Decide for yourself once you begin to control your own mind again. There is only ever one choice and love is on the inside at the heart and the stair way leads to the top. 

There is a very informative collection of work at Bill Donahue's website. I also have to give him credit for most of what I wrote. I have learned more from him in the last couple of years than I did in 12 years of high school.
Visit the site here. . I would also recomend listening to Marty Leeds, Santos Bonacci, Jordan Maxwell and Manly P Hall.