Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Open your heart chose love let your body fill with light!

Heaven can only be an out of body experience yet anicient wisdom tells us heaven is in the top the ra or ram, the brain or mind. If the eye be single light will fill your body! The eye of ra is in my head and yours. The only place it was ever to be found.  To reach the violet chokra one must give up the physical, the material, the very carbon atoms that make up our bodies. There's only one choice love or fear. Somedays I imagine most people fear the thought of ginving anything up let alone their mortal body.

Lao tsu
"One does less and less until one does nothing at all
When one does nothing at all there is nothing undone"

The crown chokra is the seventh seal. It was named pineal by the very bible we read. When the pineal is active you open the seventh seal in order to passover the heart chokra to open this single I or eye you must give up everything because you see when we leave this body it is no longer useful to us it is made up of 666 which is the atomic number of a carbon atom or adam literally. The exhaltation of the heart can only ascend with love from there we move into the as above and leave the 666 as below.
You know what our friend Jesus says if the eye be single light will enter or fill your body. The window is the fornex in the mind where energy light and oil (christos) travels to the pineal. Its really just science. I dont care what verse page or chapter you read. I had a dream and envisioned that the great pyramid is showing us the way to heaven through the fornex which is a chamber a triangle that leads to pineal. The mind is a consciousness it sends and receives.

Dont take my word for it it is in the book I dont care what religion what church its in the book.