Saturday, January 16, 2016

Oil prices vs methanol god and the seven seals

In the past decade gas at the pump has already far exceeded the cost per barrel to make methanol a profitable fuel. Don't expect anyone to say anything about it though. They have been adding methanol to fuel for 3 decades now. The fuel you are burning today is much more methanol than you think. Oil companies receive billions for oil exploration and recovery every year they don't want to give up the cash cow. The government doesn't care either because the people pay for everything. I would suppose the fracking had an entirely different purpose than what we are told. No reason to worry or speculate because we all know very well the people running this world do what ever they want any way. It doesn't matter how much you complain or whine. I've been saying for years they only way to stop them is curd how you spend money. Realize how much income you have to spend on taxes and material items you don't really need. It seems rather ironic that the consumerism and material lives we lead and thing we need are the root of all of our problems. One secret to the pyramid or pyramid scheme is all currency runs up hill. 89% of all the money in the world belongs to those at the top of the pyramid to such an extent that we can never catch up. Just as Pacal Votan predicted it will continue to get worse and worse unless people turn off the tube open their mind and eye to realize how stupid it all is. War is stupid, materialism is stupid, consumerism is yes stupid. Don't take my word for it I will tell you the same thing I was told over twenty years ago. Turn off the idiot tube and the RA DIO for morons for just six months. Give up all the stuff that kills your pineal gland and your right brain function. Get inside yourself and obtain the kingdom which belongs to every human being not just those with money. Anyone can become an Illuminati all you need to do is illuminate yourself. The secret is in most every one's favorite per say book in this country. Go inside your self and meditate. The only place you will find the kingdom of god or Solomon's temple is within your ram or higher mind. When you find the eye at the top of the pyramid Light will fill your body. Its all there read it for yourself don't listen to some blather head you just wants 10% of your money for bullshit. Its just one more thing you spend money on that you never needed in the first place.

None of these images are satanic, luciferian, or evil in any way. Don't judge them just because you know nothing about them. They are all symbolic and tell the inner workings of the human body, brain, and cerebral spinal fluid system and much more if you care to get into and learn the symbolic meaings and how to decipher.

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