Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mr Mojo Risin gotta keep on risin! Holy = wholly, being one with the creator is to become whole.

The origin of the word hour is very interesting it comes from the Egyptian god Horus, and Horus in Egyptian mythology is the son of the god Osirus. Horus is symbolic of the sun and the sun is considered to be the Horus savior of the world. This makes Horus the savior of the world in Egyptian mythology. Also, the savior of the world is called the christ. Horus is depicted as a god with a falcon head. Now we come to Ancient Egypt. More than 3,000 years before Christianity began, the early morning "Sun/ Saviour" was pictured in Egypt as the "New Born Babe". The infant saviour’s name was "HORUS". When the sunrise (daybreak) came it was said that the savior (horus) has risen.  And every morning when the savior (horus / sun) rose it was considered a new born babe.

 In Egyptian mythology the early morning Sun or "New Born Babe", was pictured in two ways.
    A) The Dove – Bringer of Peace
    B) The Hawk – God of War (who punishes the enemies of God!).

 At daybreak. this wonderful, newborn child, God’s ‘Sun’, is … ‘Born Again’ Horus is Risen. Even today, when the Sun comes up, we see it on the "Horus-Risen", or "Horizon". His life was also divided into 12 parts or steps across Heaven each day: 12 HORUS = 12 HOURS. This is the origin of the modern " 12 Step Program". Horus is the (new-born) Sun, or the Bringer of the Light. In Latin, Light Bringer is Lucis, or Lucifer, or Luke. (Venus the light bringer)

So the name hour comes from Horus and the day is divided into 24 hours. In the early morning we can see the sun on the horizon or horus-risen. When the sun set (goes down and darkness comes) darkness comes and the devil and evil comes out at night and people are afraid of darkness. But in the morning the sun (savior /horus/ new born baby) rises and chases away the darkness (night and evil). When the sun rises the people are happy and no longer fear the night.

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