Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jesus is the sun of god. Let me share my point of view. Thats all it is my knowing or understanding of my life experience so far.

First of all if you believe you will go to hell and burn for ever for seeking knowledge or reading a book you are just being silly. Silly, that's the nicest word I can think of that applies.
I have always known that Jesus is the sun. I can still remember in bible school and sunday school as a child I would follow in the book and look at the pictures. I heard them say son of god and I saw the sun in the book or pamphlet they read from. I got it Jesus is the sun it fit the story just fine there was no magic just the sun. I noticed the symbolism not because I knew anything just because I couldnt read at first when I could I never read the guy teaching was reading it. I spent my entire life at first believeing jesus is metaphor and now I know it is so. The evidence leaves no room for doubt at all. For most of my life I considered myself an athiest and I knew the religions and churchs were lying or they just believed the nonsense themselves. I have always considered the literal story a fairy tell. Something that was designed to make people feel better about being a mortal facing death and at the same time control and use them. At some point I started listening to people who had spent their whole lives learning and researching such things. I am not a great teacher even though I never stop thinking talking about and researching.
Since the internet came into existance information is at our finger tips and most of it is free.
Jordan Maxwell was the first person I listened to. I would say his knowledge that interested me the most would be language, history and symbolism.
Santos Bonnaci was the next teacher I ran into. I would say his speacialty is jastrotheology astrology the zodiac and syncretism. He also referrences a lot of sources for reading. Like all good teachers they always say dont take my word for it go here and read it for your self. I did.
Next I found Marty Leads. His specialty is numerology. Very interesting how it ties in with all the mythical stories including all religious text they are all allegorical.
Bill Donahue was the next teacher I found. He has a very extensive video library online. I would say he teaches one how to read the bible as well as other religious text. It is the most interesting and truthful bible studies I have ever been involved in.
YOu can find all of them online at Youtube and many more who are in the same general catagory. One thing I have learned is the more you study and learn the more you know and we reveal the truth with intuition at some point. Everything just fits and makes perfect sense. The most interesting point would be that if you are listening to someone talk about and teach the literal story prepare yourself for a very interesting journey with more information that you ever thought you would know. A revelation is when information or knowledge is revealed. The hidden meanings will be easier to find and understand the more you look and learn. These days I cant look at anything without trying to find hidden or alternate meanings. It becomes a habit like anything else. If you wanna believe one word answer all curiosity its none of my business and your loss.