Thursday, January 14, 2016

A deadpool is an exhausted oil field. #deadpool #astrotheology #science of light

its not dead poo L    it is oil pools are dead the pool is dead ladies and gentlemen we have finally reached the bottom of the barrel it is time to change the future we cannot change today the 2% know this very well that is why they plan 2160 years into the future to the point when they have power to influence what people believe and fill their coffers with cash and assets. Who are the 2%? Some say the Illuminati. Some say devil worshippers. That's ridiculous they know full well there is no devil. I say they are the illuminated ones who hold the secrets to their power within. Anyone can become illuminated no one can stop you. Though it isn't easy to give up everything you were taught. Everything you were given at birth. It is worth the effort you will see when you arrive. Its the right ascension. Right is east where the sun on the horizon reach the sky and makes it day odd isn't it :) how the right side of god actually means just that because it is the right brain. Face north sunrise is to the east. The sun is right ascending therefor being on the right side of god is going into meditation ascending to the top and activating the pineal and the right side of the brain. Its all science it doesn't matter what your religion the story is in the book. That's how I know they all tell the same story. It is written that god is light. The lowest degree's of light produce the effect of darkness the highest degree's of light is far beyond our vision that is why it is written no one will or can see god unless the eye be single. Oh wow I am an Illuminati and I laugh because there is no devil the bull Taurus has the tallest intimidating horns if the devil were real it would receive the horns before he exults. No one can stop the bull from pushing the sun into summer. LOL The lord is every where yet cannot be seen! What do you imagine that means? :) I don't have faith I don't believe I know where the right side of god is.
You have to ask yourself at some point. How did the ancient Greeks and Egyptians obtain so much knowledge about the universe, the human body, and how everything works including the Magic (magii) of light. Why is the Jesus right hand always pointing up? Many say as above so below the principle of correspondence. That is also correct it is also saying the right side of god is ascension. The right brain. Don't take my word for it it is all in the bible look it up for yourself.
The frequency of the sun is 126.22Hz which is the key of C why else would C be the middle note on a piano. The piano is related to pI PI : ANO  .... The piano is tuned to and based on the frequencies in nature and the universe.
PI EEC  or pi sces or should I say peace!

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