Friday, January 15, 2016

God is Light! Dont take my word for it its in the bible! Angels of light energy!

You see a rock it appears to be motionless. You understand and know that within the nucleus of each atom the particles are moving at light speed. It conjures up the old joke I can travel at the speed of light! Oh yeah! Lemme see! OK Wanna see it again. It is because you cannot leave until you get back it is a loop of motion. When you see the rock is motionless you know it is not. The atoms function at light speed therefore they appear motionless we cannot see light speed movement. Yes I have heard it quiried before "who cares?" well we know at least one person does but the truth is it doenst matter :) who cares! it is fact. It is just a thought that is attracted to another which allows information to flow like water or electricity to the path of less resistance. That is what meditation is all about. It is wrtten jesus said the kingdom of god is within you. To ascend to the heaven, ram, or nirvana you must meditate. You must go within yourself. Meditation appears to be motionless how ever when I meditate I travel at the speed of light. Light is god I need no other explanation. It isnt faith because I know it is true.