Sunday, January 17, 2016

Desperate times require desperate measures!

Something to take notice and observe. December 21 2012 we crossed over into the beginning of Aquarious. You might call it the galactic passover. It fits with global warming no matter the cause. It is written about many many thousands of years ago as the time of the golden age. Many people are waking up that is why we all find ourselves here seeking same and similar knowledge. Our minds are coming alive it is only natural the rulling entities of the world plan the future by the ages or eons they have owned the future for many thousands of years. What we are seeing is a desperate attempt to try and maintain control. As more people wake up their efforts will have to intensify. Thats why we have 13 presidential candidates. Thats why everything is so extreme. The question is will they maintain control and force the human race back into the darks ages. During the last they forced the entire world to believe their literal religion. They forced people to believe the earth was flat. If you look at history it is plain to see what was going on. We are at that place again. Will we prevail and continue on our ascencian or will they force us to submit. At the place I stand I will die before I give up. I agree with Sitting bull. Today is a good day to die and no one can hurt me without my permission. Something to wonder in the days to come. There is no such thing as coincidence and the world is not flat. Times are desperate expect the unexpected. Intuition comes to mind and reflection shows us much. Meditation opens the door to intuition.