Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Condemnation without investigation is a human fault" Albert Einstien. Question for the flat earthers?

Its not real important what einstien was right or wrong about. The quote is just pure logic. How can you condemn something you know absolutly nothing about. You cannot unles you are letting someone else to tell you what to believe such as religion. Religions like to do your thinking for you. I have a saying that all information is worth reading at least once. If you are awake and aware your intuition will be clear.
If you believe the earth is flat I have a question or would like an explanation. How do the equinoxes and solstices work on your flat earth. If nothing else let it be more investigation on my part. I am all interested in how you explain. I have listened to many videos, radio shows, as well as reading some for my investigation. I have found more holes in and bullshit to the stories than anything else. It is a nice spin for those numbskulls who will believe such a theory. Its the way of the wourld we live in. If you polish bullshit and spin it the right way you can fool a lot of people. You see it plenty on tv I am sure especially on the news programs. I have many more questions but we will start with this one. I am mostly interested in how they or you will explain the four seasons, equinoxs position of the sun and soltice's. I have doubts that any of it will make any sense but lets here it. Care to explain send a message leave a comment I dont care.