Saturday, January 16, 2016

Are you awake? Or are you still one of the zombies?

Its very sad but very true. At least 80% of Americans are right brain dead. They works tirelessly to just make ends meet. The other half of their time they sit in front of the tube being told what to do what to think and when to react. Its an observation that is easy to make once you disconnect from all the noise, confusion, and distractions of the human condition that are designed to keep you brain dead and unaware. If you cant see the truth and believe all of this is just normal human behavior you are only proving my point and you are totally unaware. People tell me all the time well I just like to watch football or the news or on and on and on. My point is if you are brain dead you cant see how everything you see on the tube is mostly just stupid or conjecture. Its a no brainer why every news program has groups of personalities. That way there is someone for every one to listen to side with and be told what to think. Politics is no different. They have many candidates to take people to the polls so they know how to keep control of your half dead brain. As long as you continue to watch as long as you continue to play and watch the stupid games you will never realize how mind numbing stupid it all is. Everything gets worse and more extreme because as more people wake up the controllers and rulers of the would find it more and more difficult to maintain control. That's why this election we have what 13 candidates. Donald Trump for President? WTF that proves my point. I cant listen to Trump blow himself for even a fraction of a second without feeling surrounded by stupid. Don't take my word for it. Take a break turn off the tube turn it all off. Go for a walk in the forest, read a book, go visit your kids or your parents. 3 months away from the electronic noise and unimportant bullshit you are surrounded with and your eye will begin to open. Everyone is home problem is the light is NOT on. If you think you wont survive without survivor or any other stupid tv program are just adding more evidence to the book that says you are brain dead. Church and religion is no different. No one reads and learns how to understand the bible. They would rather listen to some idiot like Jerry Falwell tell them what to think while constantly reminding them they need to send him money. The mind is the same thing. On average humans are conditioned to use only 10% of their mind and then they submit that measly 10% for something else to influence their lives. Most people think the pyramid on the dollar bill is evil. Just more proof you don't know shit if that is what you think. It is symbolic of the human pyramid. The block at the top with the one eye is symbolic of the block that the builders rejected and the one eye of god. If you think that is nonsense or you don't know what I am talking about it just proves you know nothing about your bible. You do not read it you do not know how to read it and you do not understand it you let some greedy bastard or organisation steal your mind, your money, and your soul. Its time to wake up now. Truth is found with knowledge and the truth will set you free. If you are one of the zombies you don't have a clue what I am talking about. If that is the case, you think the word Jesus answers all questions. If you think you will go to hell and burn for ever and ever if you question and seek knowledge well that might be your first clue you need to turn off the bullshit go within and find yourself. Jesus says the kingdom of god is within you. Solomons temple is within you. Christ only exists within you. He speaks in parable and what he says is if your eye be single light will fill your body and truth will set you free! If you do not know what that means it is time to learn the truth. If you want to begin your journey into the light of the day here is a few links to get you started.
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