Sunday, December 18, 2016

The bible is all about the mind

Thursday, December 8, 2016

An instrument of music CANNOT be a weapon! FACT! Music can only heal the soul!

Just listen to the music and dance. No violence, no bad feelings just peace and love with the rhythm of life!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reading an article about the Two fish of Jesus symbolism

I was reading an article that was stating the two fish symbolism MAY HAVE predated Christianity in other religions! Really ! No Shit! The two fish are directly related to Pisces of the Zodiac. Pisces represents the feet as shown in ancient diagrams literature and symbolism's. That's why there are two. The zodiac Wheel predates all religion to a time when the words religion, god, or Jesus never existed at all. It is time to wake up now Holy Cow! I came to a realization that it is really not stupidity it is ignorance the information is all available. The allegories or symbolic stories of the bible contains so much more information about life and living that is just not taught. One can only wonder is it because if they teach you the truth you will realize you no longer need them. Metaphor Jesus or should we just call him symbolic Jesus because he is representing you and your connection to the Sun of God! The Christ consciousness that reveals all the truth in the universe without even asking question. Symbolic Jesus tells you in the bible that you need no one. You do not even need him or the mythical character lets say. His teachings are telling you that the kingdom of god or heaven is within you. You are the Christ! Sometimes I wonder does anyone really read and study the bible. I know many Christians who play bible roulette like some how where their finger lands will reveal some truth. Hey all you humans try reading the book cover to cover. When you come to a part that is just impossible think for one minute. It isnt possible because they the scribes are trying to tell you there is an occult meaning. When you are readin about a snake that can talk you might realize that the snake is symbolic of something entirely different than something that is just not possible. Snakes do not have vocal chords they do not talk now and they have never talked. It is an impossibility. Don't listen to the phallic church's and do not listen to a preacher asking for handouts. Open your mind meditate like Jesus says to do and one of these days you will discover you had the key to the kingdom all along you just didn't know where to look for it! OOOOHHHHHMMMMMM

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

In the presence of the lord.

I was going around the park in the morning. I stopped for a moment by a bench. There were two individuals sitting there with a placard full of literature about god. As I slowed and hesitated the lady asked me if I was walking in the presence of the lord. Knowing all to well where these conversations go I decided to answer her question with a question of my own. I asked: what does the word lord mean to you? She replied: Jesus Christ is our lord and savior.
I replied: See now that is where you are wrong. You have this literature out and you never even read the word, symbolism's nor the under standing of it.
The lady asked: What do you mean? I stated: I will give you the broad strokes. See if this strikes a chord or note of truth to you. 
Taken directly from the bible not my words at all. 
Numbers 23 : 19 God is not a man nor human, 
John 1 : 5 God is Light!,
John 8 : 12 Jesus is the light of the world
Genesis 1 : 14 God said let there be lights in the firm heavens
Genesis 1 : 16 God made two great lights the greater to rule the day the lesser to rule the night.
Therefore yes I am always in the presence of the lord because the lord is light. The word Lord in ancient times actually meant light or illuminated one! 
God is light Jesus is the light of the world. Like a golden shield the sun in the sky reflects gods light to the earth and all directions. Like a bright pearl in the night sky the moon reflects the light of god received by the sun to the earth to light the night. There is more science and astrology in the bible than most religious people even know. Also why I say the bible is not a religion. The people who take all the stories literally and then judge others contrarily to what metaphor Jesus says to do. The truth gives a whole new meaning to Psalm 23 : 4 
The one that is always with me. Light or photons are traveling every where through everything and if my eye be single god ( light ) will fill my body. 
I told them both as I was leaving. May the lord be with you always for if it ever goes away we will all perish!
With a smile!

Monday, November 7, 2016

There are some major problems with religion.

The church teaches that mysticism is of the devil or evil. They teach that meditation is a sin to their laws. My observation is they lie at every turn. It is like the old saying do what I say not what I do. The reasoning is they want obedient slaves not awakened souls.
There is a double edge here. Christians believe the literal story of the metaphor Jesus or so they say. The truth to the literal story is Jesus was a man who was against the church. The metaphor was teaching that all you need to do is meditate and that the kingdom of god is within you. He taught that profit was wrong. Everything the metaphor taught was against the church and the politicians. People are so confused they believe that God put the man on a cross. It was not god nor could god intervene. It is just a story a myth. The symbol Jesus was Murdered by the same church that claimed him as a savior. Of course the church knows that Jesus is just a metaphor for the sun. The one true savior. The one true light of the world. It is a scientific fact how great the sun is. People are so obviously confused and led astray by the deception.
The myth holds the real truth. The truth they do not want you to know. The truth that many of our ancestors died for. At the noose in fire and with inhumane levels of torture the the church and rulers of the world frightened people into submission. They are still frightening people with the threat of hell and destruction.
What the myth Jesus taught within the myth or symbolic story is that you do not need the church you only need to enter within yourself. In order to do that you need to understand the hidden messages within the crucifixion story. You must crucify 5 senses. You must circumcise your animal desires. What does that mean. To not feel emotion any more. When the eyes are crucified you must rely on your third eye to see the light within. The world is so confused by lies, deception, and misrepresentation it appears that there is no hope. We are entering an age where is written we are entering the golden age of mass awakening.
I find myself flabbergasted at the level of ignorance demonstrated every single day. Jesus is a metaphor for the sun. He is the Amen which is the sun god out of Egypt. The sun has always been adored as our savior. It has had many names and personifications. I find it hard to believe that so many people can be so blind. They pretend or have faith that some guy named Attis, Apollo, Zeus, Mithra, Krishna, Buddah, Jesus and on and on were actually real men. They are all mythical characters. They are all the same character. The Sun. The moment your mind awakens you realize you need nothing at all. No thought, no feelings, no worries, no fears, no material possessions, and especially not the church . You enter within your eye becomes single and the light (god) fills your body. Yet no matter your choices life is worth every second living moment to moment. We need the Sun more than anything is this sector of the galaxy with which we thrive yet most of the world deny's that one simple fact. As soon as you accept that fact the universe and knowledge of such things becomes limitless. The Bible, Koran, and Torah even start to make sense. Amazing to gain all you must give up everything. The universe is mind and we are that universe experiencing and expressing itself.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Jesus is the one true light of the world! The great one! Read the page and be amazed.

Many Christians believe Jesus to be a man. Many of them say they have a personal relationship with the man Jesus. Well the bible does not support or agree with their statements. Jesus is the light of the world. Correctly so the one true light of the world. Jesus tells you him self that he speaks in Parable. Mathew 13 : 34, Mark 4 : 34, and John 10 : 6 to name just a few. So what does it mean when Jesus tells you he is the light of the world. You may not like it but it means he is the sun of god. Yes that's right the one true light of the world. Let me explain.
Pick up your bible and open it up to the first page of the book. Genesis (genetics)
chapter 1 verse 16. And God made two great lights. The greater to rule the day, and the lesser to rule the night. If we use nature as the prime example and just go have a look in the day we see Gods great sun is ruling. Then we step out in the night and we see the Moon is ruling. The moon produces no glow on its own for it is the lesser. It is merely like a mirror reflecting the light from Gods sun to the evening side of the world. So the sun of God is the ONE true light of the world!
Its pretty simple when you have the key to understand the parables. Jesus says the KEY is to enter within yourself. To meditate.
None of this is my opinion it is what the good book says. The good book that all christians claim to behold. If you are going to carry the book, if you are going to quote the book you better know what you are talking about.
I used to say the only good use for the bible is to throw it in a good fire to warm the house. That was before I learned how to read it. That was before I found the key. Now I say the Holy bible is the greatest scientific book ever written. It is an allegorical tale or myth that describes the inner workings of the human mind (micro) and the universe (macro). Now I read and study the book daily.
I read statements of wanna be christians (christ I am) everyday where they are just blatantly making stuff up. LIke the guy who wrote that Jesus is a doorway. He made it up. Jesus never said he was a doorway. God Never said Jesus was a doorway. They both say Jesus is the light of the world the sun of god! Jesus himself shares many parables that explain he is the sun of god. Many people just cant accept that their imaginary friend does not exist as a man at all. He never did and he never will. Get used to the idea so you can learn what the good book is trying to teach you. If you are going to be a disciple of Jesus you must do what he said. You must understand what he is saying. The kingdom of god is within you! The reason you do not understand and you throw away the key is because you do not enter within yourself. It is a parable that says you need to meditate to reach the truth and come face to face with god. Meditate not bloviate.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Photon Proves the existence of god!

The human ego is not so mysterious.

The ego is left brain thinking. It is the animal or gut feeling you are always arguing with. To put it in simple terms the ego is fear. You are afraid you will be ridiculed. You are afraid you are not the best. You are afraid someone has a nicer car than you. You fear someone will have more fun than you. You are afraid people will think you are weak. It is ego it is fear. When you live in the lower consciousness you will be ruled by fear. You will be ruled by your ego. You must rise above to the higher mind and circumcise yourself from the animal thought patterns. You must let go of the fear. You will feel it coming on when someone cuts you off or speeds by you on the path you travel. Your ego will be telling you No you cant let this happen. You must win you must be aggressive you must concur this enemy. Truth be told the ego is the only enemy you have ever. Let go of the animal desire that turns your insides out. You must raise your energy your electrical spark to the higher house above. Once you cross over your heart you will see plainly how the ego works. You will also be able to make the right choice. Another choice that is based on love not fear. Remember you only ever have one single choice to make love or fear. Once you chose love you will never want to go back to the depths of your evil self. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

HIdden ancient wisdom transmitted in angles of light

Many stories are myth. Star wars is mythology. George Lucas and his staff were a collection of researchers who wanted to tell a story that would be valid for ever. There is occult wisdom found in many places. When Obi Wan told Darth that if you strike me down you will only make me stronger. Observe. The attackers weapon cannot destroy you. You are a light being. Obi made a choice of love not fear. By choosing love he will ascend to a higher life form relative to his position in the light. The conscious mind is ruled by the sub conscious mind. Our owners are very diligent at keeping us in the lower realm with the use of fear. Once you choose love you start to rise above. The fluid and your love crosses your heart to ascend to the higher realm which is at the right side of god. The fire to the right side the burning bush as it is. If you are offended by what someone wears or what someone says or what someone believes then you are weak if you are angered easily and you are full of hatred you are in hell the lower realm of the human pyramid. Horus is rising. Horizon. The sun is crossing the heart of the world to rise above to the top to heaven. Most of what you are taught has the affect of keeping you unaware. Uneducated, and ignorant to all truth. Once you rise above you activate your inner eye and you see the truth for the first time. This is the meaning of seeing the light. Metaphor Jesus said if your eye be single light will fill your body. When you see the light you know you dont have to believe you do not need faith. Be still and listen to your heart be quite and hear the sun the moon the world of nature around you. There is only ever one choice.  See you in the next world!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The sun of god shines whether you like it or not! It is real it is living and it is your savior! FACT!

I really love it when people quote the bible and they know not what they speak. I re-search the bible often. When someone starts quoting Jesus and the sun book I thrive. I grab my KJV biblios and delve into the pages and study. If you think God cares what you do when you do it or who you do it with then you have not even read the first chapter of the good book. As well anyone who cares to study can see that Genesis Chapter 1, 2 and 3 are all different. Hmmmmm well could that be a CLUE!
Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 3 God Created the SUN! The one true son as I will demonstrate.

Genesis 1 : 16 God Made two great lights the GREATER  to rule the day and the LESSER to rule the night! The lesser receives and reflects the light of the Holy or the greater the ONE TRUE SUN OF GOD! The Lesser is just a moon that sends us angels or angles of light energy of the one true sun!
You think you know what you are talking about because you listen to buffoons who have an agenda that is designed to build their own castle. The true kingdom the true temple or pyramid of god is within you!
Many people talk like the Bible is a historical document. Aside from the fact that the book was written by the Hellenistic greeks it is not there is clue after clue that should indicate to you it is a myth or allegory.
Corinthians 2 Chapter 3 verse 6: Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the LETTER, but of the SPIRIT: for the LETTER KILLETH, but the SPIRIT giveth life! The bible is not a literal story because the literal is of the LETTER! There is much understanding of the greatest book ever written though it requires an open mind willing to let go of the physical or lower realm of the beast or animal. (666)
Back to the point of this post which is the sun of god shines on the just and unjust alike. It does not judge. It gives life and all its energy to everything and everyone whether you want to receive it or not you CANNOT exist without it.
Matthew 6: 21 For where your treasure is there will your heart be also
6: 22 The light of the body is the eye: therefore if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light!
Luke 17:20-21 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
The journey to meet god is not an outward journey it is an inward journey. The kingdom of god is within you, you must shut up be quiet and meditate. You must cross your heart and rise above the lower mind to open up to the right side of god! Heaven and god both are in the human mind! So if you think god cares what you do or when you do it or who you do it with just take a look at the sun of god day or night and you will see it does not waver it is always shining for you and all that exists! For ever! Amen RA! Horus is on the rise! look to the east and you will see him in the morning!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Do you know what it means to cross your heart? Well do you? I don't think so!

Some people think just because they wear a cross over their heart that they are good people. There are some people who think that just because someone wears a cross over their heart they are good people. Truth is almost no one understands what it means to cross ones heart. Not even your Priest, Reverend, Bishop, , Rabbi, nor Minister. The cross is the most prolific symbol given to us by nature. It can be experienced in seconds minutes days years and great years. The truth is no one was ever crucified. The whole story is symbolic. There is a reason that symbolic Jesus has his heart at the center of the cross intersection. There is a reason a rosary is a certain length. Because we are crossing our heart. This is truly symbolic of the inner workings of the heart. Not the cross that lay on your chest. It is symbolism. To cross ones heart is about the endocrine system, cerebrospinal fluid system. The kundalini, the two serpents of the spinal fluid system. All scriptures and religious texts are about anatomy of the human form and the astronomy of the universe. The santa clause or claustrum secretes a milky substance it flows down the spine in the serpent that leads downward and rises back up the serpent that ascends to heaven. The brain and its inner workings are fully explained in the holy bible, the Koran, and the Torah and all other religious texts. They all tell the same story. When the golden fluid reaches the pineal your body will fill with light. The reasoning behind have you see the light. To cross one's heart means you are leaving the lower realm, the gut, the 666 and ascending to the top of the mountain. Activating the pineal opens the doorway to the right brain or the right side of god or 888. God is in the brain. Symbolic Jesus said the kingdom of god is within YOU! Enter within yourself means to meditate. You can never cross your heart until you do what the metaphor is telling you to do. Circumcise yourself from the lower physical realm go within meditate and ascend to the kingdom of heaven. This is not what I believe it is what I know. There is only ever one choice in life either fear or love. You can never cross your heart with fear. So why does everyone trust their gut feelings so much. Leave the land of the beast or animal and rise up to your heaven within. The temple is on the mount or mountain. There is a reason they have been called your temples for hundreds of thousands of years. Its time to wake up the spirit within and rise up!