Monday, November 16, 2015

The science of Westing there is nothing pseudo about it.

There is a reason in Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism you must first learn to let go of the material or physical self. There is a reason the Samari is taught no mind philosophy. There is a reason that a young Lakota must give away their most loved possessions and enter adulthood. There is a reason that skull N Bones members experience death ceremonies. The reason is you cannot begin ascension until you let go of all material possessions including your physical self. You cannot ascend at all until you realize you no longer need your physical body. Most traditions begin these lessons at the end of puberty. Tradition something we have cheapened and contaminated with shallow thinking and destructive behavior. All life ends in tragedy. Tragedy is a physical thing and begins with birth. The rest is uncertain dont be afraid it is human nature.  It is time we wake up now! Invisible or pure light spectrum can only be seen with the one eye that needs no light to see! The purest light is at the top. As light descends to earth it is tarnished and colored at the bottom is dark red light or infrared or inferior. The lower Chakra is red therefore as we Passover into the fall or Atum we are entering the red sea only to be born again on the Solstice. We rest for 3 days in the tomb of Capricorn then on the 25th we begin our first minute to ascension. 69 miles one day at a time we climb to the heaven within to meet the pure light.
Life becomes a new with a bang in Aries the lamb of god springs to life.
The true path of the human being has always been Seeking Knowledge. Observing and knowing. Knowledge doesn't require genius just observation and an open mind. Religion is Anti knowledge. What you are taught is ignorance what you posses is faith. Faith is an illusion. Its time to wake up now. On my waking I will be leaving this physical world. Westing is natural the direction is clear if the heart remains pure. There is nothing Pseudo about this science it is based on visual evidence you can witness 24 7 if you just look and see.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Santa Clause really Does exist! I can prove it!

Can anyone tell me why Santa Clause wears a red suit? Does anyone know what he has in the bag? Do you know what the 12 days of Christmas represent? Why does the sun rest for three days in the tomb? What does it really mean to be reborn? What does it mean to ascend? Where is heaven? What does the Christmas tree represent? Where is the chimney? Why down the chimney first then back to the top? What is the present left under the tree? Why milk and honey? There is so much to the Christmas story it had to be condensed into myth or allegory. Who are the seven Reindeer? Who is Rudolf and why does his nose shine bright? I can answer all these questions and many more. First I would like to hear your opinions. Then I will continue. In the Mean time enjoy this lecture given by our 33rd degree Free Mason friend and teacher Manly P Hall. Enjoy !
Happy Holi Days !

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Red Cup ? Red Sea is the reason for the color red Atum shall we part.

If Starbucks wants to use a red cup who cares. Does anyone even know why the color red is significant this time of year. I guarantee you it has nothing to do with a guy named Jesus or Moses in name. It is because we are going through the phase which is known as the red sea September 21st through December 22nd when we enter Atum we are entering the red sea. I didnt make none of this up it was written thousands of years before the Jewish god ever appears which precedes the others. Thoth, Horus, and Mithra all share the same story line as Jesus just 3 out of 300 virgin birth stories all different characters yet the same story.
Mr Starbucks if you wanna red cup go for it. It dont mean nothing if you dont know what it really means.
Enjoy the pictures as we part the red sea together!

Two point 5 million years of evolution

Here is an interesting note. Free Masonry is more ancient than any of the worlds living religions. There are those who know how and why the pyramids were built. Imagine if you will a society or organization that existed before the oldest known historical society's. Dumbfounded I stand and listen to those who claim the Egyptians were the first civilized people For some years now the Mayan calendar has been talked about as the most accurate and complicated calendar. I would disagree. The Zodiac is by far the oldest calendar. A calendar is essentially a time keeper. The zodiac measures minutes, hours, days, years, Ages, the great year and beyond. It makes me wonder why we were not taught about such things in school. The zodiac is in itself a historical encyclopedia that extends to the earliest human existence. True to the fact that nothing is constant in the whole of the universe the great year varies in length and is never the same. A great year spans 24,500 years to 26,000 years. The zodiac follows the sun cycles and moon cycles it follows the cycles of all the observable planets. The Elohim or angels or changing angles of reflected light. No two snow flakes are alike you will also find that no two minutes or moments are alike. As the mind wonders I realize it would take many many great years to develop such a system or calendar so when you hear some one claim human history goes back hundreds of thousands of years don't laugh there is no other possibility unless we were given this knowledge by visitors from some where else. Both lines of thought are very profound.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Big ELectron

These two performers obviously know something about the science of light or the holy science. Give it a listen and enjoy! The sun is the holiest of holy's.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

My tiny collection of sun gods in a pictorial accompanied by a Christmas story!

A holy day story about the light body one. ON = OH'N = horus = hours = horizon = horus is rising and in the morning his star is risen = Thoth = RA = Hercules = Helios = Zeus = Sol = Son = Holy = sun of god! There are four levels of understanding to the light body one as there is to everything. That is the reason or connection to the four seasons the four levels of understanding 4 cardinal points. That is why the cross is so important
When I was a young star I was impressionable like most. I always thought the expression "I wont stand for that " Meant someone was ready to fight. I made this distinction because of their actions and animal appearance mostly. I know what the expression really means that I wont stand up for such a ridiculous idea or notion or aggression. I can just sit here and sip my coffee and wait to die with a big smile.. These days I wont fight for anything. Its about posture really. It is about vibration, sound and light. What is your favorite and most protective frequency. It is called a mantra and your mind hums with electric fire to the melody you aspire. You can feel the purest light in your heart so it is written.
The rise and fall from the clause to the sacrum and up to the top of the holy (light) chimney. The spirit will purify on high. The science of light. The material universe is only 25% of the known universe. There are 4 levels of consciousness, why? 4 Seasons, 4 gospels, four types of physical matter one spirit. 75% of the universe cannot be seen nor touched it cannot be heard you cannot smell it or taste yet we know it is there. This holy day season I will watch and I will meet you on the other side where nothing is more. Happy Holidays! I hope I did not Mithra anything! Ho H o Ho Ho!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jacob's Ladder That Leads To The Stars - Manly P Hall (Cleaned and reduced Noise Audio)

Manly Palmer Hall is one of many. All of today's astrotheologists or students of syncretism have heard of and listened to Manly. He probably has more recorded lectures and books than anyone I have listened to to this day. He started with his first published pamphlet in 1920. Hall became sufficiently known and respected as a lecturer and interpreter of the writings of the ancients, and the most useful and practical elements of classical idealism, that he successfully appealed, through advertisements and word of mouth, for funds to finance the book that became The Secret Teachings of All Ages whose original cost of publication in 1928 was estimated to be $150,000 although the price of individual copies varied. According to original subscription agreements on file at the Philosophical Research Society, editions were sold by subscription for $75 on a pre-publication basis, but "the price of this edition after delivery by the printer is understood to be One Hundred Dollars." Under the subscription terms, $15 was due at signing of the agreement, and "the balance of Sixty Dollars in four equal monthly payments each.The H.S. Crocker Company of San Francisco agreed to publish the book "if Hall could secure the interest of book designer John Henry Nash, who once worked as a printer to the Vatican.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Sol invictus

A cult is simply open source or no secrets an occult is hidden many secrets or hidden information. The original or earliest known name for the sun is ON (OH'N) that's why we say on and off daylight is on night is off. Simple facts that have been ignored and forgotten. The Sun of god is the on or one and only light of the world. Light is electromagnetic energy. The creator of life as far as we know the sun of god.
Many aspects are over looked. Some scientists say gravity is a force responsible for planet solar system and galactic creatoion. Not true at all gravity is a side effect directly caused by the sun or electromagnetic energies. Let me explain. It is often portrayed in science fiction movies but many do not make the connection. To create gravity at the space station it is rotated. the rotation of mass is directly responsible for the strength of the gravity. Electromagnetic forces are necessary for anything to exist. The faster the rotation the stronger the gravity becomes. That is a measurable effect. You will notice the gravity of the earth is not constant it fluctuates. The energy from the solar wind is not constant it fluctuates. As the energy of the sun rises and falls in waves the speed of the earths rotation fluctuates and is never constant. As the speed of the rotation fluctuates so does gravity. This is well known and written about thousands of years ago. So why are we taught lies or bullshit. Well that's easy to figure out all you have to do is pay attention to the human conditions thrust upon us. I guess you could say the average theoretical physicist is either really not as smart as they think they are (rather stupid) or they have an agenda like a position or pay check, fame maybe. Of course we also have to factor in what everyone is taught from childhood in school. Bullshit right. It doesn't take long to figure out the why. Taught and rewarded for learning and perpetuating bullshit. Ahhhhh what a world we live in.
Here is a very good video about all of the above and more. The lecture is given by Santos Bonacci. Santos is one of the most knowledgeable teachers of syncretism and a pleasure to listen to and learn. Believe me the NFL will strip your mind of intelligence Santos will fill your mind with forgotten wisdom. Its your choice. Chase a stupid ball up and down a field with no resolve nor learning or learn to understand life and the universe. The choice is always yours.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


THE SUN ON THE ECLIPTIC is not a secret.
The son was born in sin. All gods children are born in sin. What does this mean? It is not my opinion I did not invent this language this is an ancient wisdom that has long been ignored and hidden. Fact, the word son has the same meaning as the word sun. Fact, the word sin comes from the path of the sun over the earth otherwise known as the sine wave of the sun. This is just a simple explanation of the relationship of the sun moon and earth the story goes so much deeper and into the universe. Every particle in space time is connected to and by the universal plasma or consciousness. All ancient fact. You were all born in sin or you would be right to say the right ascension of the sun is our savior. The stories and information are so complex it is a never ending study of all that exists observation is your best tool to learn.

King Solomon

Soul of man = Solomon = Solo huMan, You are King/Queen Solomon and the temple is your body. This is just one facet or angle and in reflection of light you can say angel. Very exciting stuff when you start to understand.