Monday, June 15, 2015

Follow up on the bike. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Tao and the ten thousand things. OH and of course the bicycle! :)

There are a few things you know when you realize the Tao. First is that you are dead all physical matter lives and dies it is essential to grasp this idea to find peace and love and maintain that posture through all life's affairs. Second no matter how you view your past you are so connected to everything that nun of your actions whether good or bad right or wrong nun of these ideas ever matter except at the very moment they happened. Right now you are exactly where and what you have chosen there is no other distinction. Everything is just as it is supposed to be. It is an accumulation of sign posts along the way that help you chose direction. ( everything in life is Sine wave or SIN or sign  or syn) The choice is always yours and also there are only ever two choices love or fear! that's it. Be careful what you love ie. those who live by the sword die by the sword. Be aware of what you fear and that fear is easy to vanquish. It is an illusion that really doesn't exist because you are already dead.
I had a very interesting week I was spending some time with my friend. She will remain nameless though I refer to her as my crazy church lady friend. I mean no offense we are all crazy and though I know the true meaning of the words church, Jesus, Holy, Bible and such I chose to feel love and laughter over how misunderstood these words are especially with crazy church people. :)
Our evenings together usually always go the same way. This night was especially eventful. We went to a band jam and I met a guy who has grown up to be a very great happy grandpa musician. WOW haven't seen him in 45 years give or take. In those days we were both mostly full of hate anger fear and now I find interesting we have both chosen similar paths and have reconnected through love for performing and music. One of the best jams I have every enjoyed. I look forward to next  week.
Intermission: my new bike!

I like this thing much better than a mobility scooter. Stats so far are 26 mph and 40 miles pr charge. It is so bad ass so quiet and so easy to sit on to travel. Effortless journeys I can at least imagine I  am young and healthy.:)
 I will follow up later with a ride video and the rest of this story. Going to my sons to hang out with grandkids all 3 and great grandson as well as most of the famdamly its sunday who knows maybe we will go to kracker barrel or something.
Remember peace and love is the best sauce for any dish!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Niente pioggia arco accademico La vita è solo un giro

No Thing Rain Bow Academic!
Private is subjective to reality that you find yourself.
Objectively no thing is obscure

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Numerology, Gematria, Language, Math, its all as real as your nose.

LIVE | EVIL, LIVED | DEVIL 112 | 211 666 | 666 911 | 119 420 | 024 23 | 32 etc and so on mirroring plays an important role in all gematria or ciphers.
It may be of interest that all Language and ALL religions are written or created the same way with math, numbers, the very first known form of writing as communication is cuneiform Numbers ones and zeros ten base number system. Which is the known beginning and also how all language was created therefore how all religions were written. Religious writing is known as Myth or mythical and gematria is essential to understanding the true meaning. It is as simple as 1 + 2 I can prove it! Just ask I will gladly share.

Gematria calculator for fun