Thursday, November 12, 2015

Two point 5 million years of evolution

Here is an interesting note. Free Masonry is more ancient than any of the worlds living religions. There are those who know how and why the pyramids were built. Imagine if you will a society or organization that existed before the oldest known historical society's. Dumbfounded I stand and listen to those who claim the Egyptians were the first civilized people For some years now the Mayan calendar has been talked about as the most accurate and complicated calendar. I would disagree. The Zodiac is by far the oldest calendar. A calendar is essentially a time keeper. The zodiac measures minutes, hours, days, years, Ages, the great year and beyond. It makes me wonder why we were not taught about such things in school. The zodiac is in itself a historical encyclopedia that extends to the earliest human existence. True to the fact that nothing is constant in the whole of the universe the great year varies in length and is never the same. A great year spans 24,500 years to 26,000 years. The zodiac follows the sun cycles and moon cycles it follows the cycles of all the observable planets. The Elohim or angels or changing angles of reflected light. No two snow flakes are alike you will also find that no two minutes or moments are alike. As the mind wonders I realize it would take many many great years to develop such a system or calendar so when you hear some one claim human history goes back hundreds of thousands of years don't laugh there is no other possibility unless we were given this knowledge by visitors from some where else. Both lines of thought are very profound.