Monday, November 16, 2015

The science of Westing there is nothing pseudo about it.

There is a reason in Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism you must first learn to let go of the material or physical self. There is a reason the Samari is taught no mind philosophy. There is a reason that a young Lakota must give away their most loved possessions and enter adulthood. There is a reason that skull N Bones members experience death ceremonies. The reason is you cannot begin ascension until you let go of all material possessions including your physical self. You cannot ascend at all until you realize you no longer need your physical body. Most traditions begin these lessons at the end of puberty. Tradition something we have cheapened and contaminated with shallow thinking and destructive behavior. All life ends in tragedy. Tragedy is a physical thing and begins with birth. The rest is uncertain dont be afraid it is human nature.  It is time we wake up now! Invisible or pure light spectrum can only be seen with the one eye that needs no light to see! The purest light is at the top. As light descends to earth it is tarnished and colored at the bottom is dark red light or infrared or inferior. The lower Chakra is red therefore as we Passover into the fall or Atum we are entering the red sea only to be born again on the Solstice. We rest for 3 days in the tomb of Capricorn then on the 25th we begin our first minute to ascension. 69 miles one day at a time we climb to the heaven within to meet the pure light.
Life becomes a new with a bang in Aries the lamb of god springs to life.
The true path of the human being has always been Seeking Knowledge. Observing and knowing. Knowledge doesn't require genius just observation and an open mind. Religion is Anti knowledge. What you are taught is ignorance what you posses is faith. Faith is an illusion. Its time to wake up now. On my waking I will be leaving this physical world. Westing is natural the direction is clear if the heart remains pure. There is nothing Pseudo about this science it is based on visual evidence you can witness 24 7 if you just look and see.