Sunday, November 1, 2015


THE SUN ON THE ECLIPTIC is not a secret.
The son was born in sin. All gods children are born in sin. What does this mean? It is not my opinion I did not invent this language this is an ancient wisdom that has long been ignored and hidden. Fact, the word son has the same meaning as the word sun. Fact, the word sin comes from the path of the sun over the earth otherwise known as the sine wave of the sun. This is just a simple explanation of the relationship of the sun moon and earth the story goes so much deeper and into the universe. Every particle in space time is connected to and by the universal plasma or consciousness. All ancient fact. You were all born in sin or you would be right to say the right ascension of the sun is our savior. The stories and information are so complex it is a never ending study of all that exists observation is your best tool to learn.