Monday, November 2, 2015

Sol invictus

A cult is simply open source or no secrets an occult is hidden many secrets or hidden information. The original or earliest known name for the sun is ON (OH'N) that's why we say on and off daylight is on night is off. Simple facts that have been ignored and forgotten. The Sun of god is the on or one and only light of the world. Light is electromagnetic energy. The creator of life as far as we know the sun of god.
Many aspects are over looked. Some scientists say gravity is a force responsible for planet solar system and galactic creatoion. Not true at all gravity is a side effect directly caused by the sun or electromagnetic energies. Let me explain. It is often portrayed in science fiction movies but many do not make the connection. To create gravity at the space station it is rotated. the rotation of mass is directly responsible for the strength of the gravity. Electromagnetic forces are necessary for anything to exist. The faster the rotation the stronger the gravity becomes. That is a measurable effect. You will notice the gravity of the earth is not constant it fluctuates. The energy from the solar wind is not constant it fluctuates. As the energy of the sun rises and falls in waves the speed of the earths rotation fluctuates and is never constant. As the speed of the rotation fluctuates so does gravity. This is well known and written about thousands of years ago. So why are we taught lies or bullshit. Well that's easy to figure out all you have to do is pay attention to the human conditions thrust upon us. I guess you could say the average theoretical physicist is either really not as smart as they think they are (rather stupid) or they have an agenda like a position or pay check, fame maybe. Of course we also have to factor in what everyone is taught from childhood in school. Bullshit right. It doesn't take long to figure out the why. Taught and rewarded for learning and perpetuating bullshit. Ahhhhh what a world we live in.
Here is a very good video about all of the above and more. The lecture is given by Santos Bonacci. Santos is one of the most knowledgeable teachers of syncretism and a pleasure to listen to and learn. Believe me the NFL will strip your mind of intelligence Santos will fill your mind with forgotten wisdom. Its your choice. Chase a stupid ball up and down a field with no resolve nor learning or learn to understand life and the universe. The choice is always yours.