Saturday, November 14, 2015

Santa Clause really Does exist! I can prove it!

Can anyone tell me why Santa Clause wears a red suit? Does anyone know what he has in the bag? Do you know what the 12 days of Christmas represent? Why does the sun rest for three days in the tomb? What does it really mean to be reborn? What does it mean to ascend? Where is heaven? What does the Christmas tree represent? Where is the chimney? Why down the chimney first then back to the top? What is the present left under the tree? Why milk and honey? There is so much to the Christmas story it had to be condensed into myth or allegory. Who are the seven Reindeer? Who is Rudolf and why does his nose shine bright? I can answer all these questions and many more. First I would like to hear your opinions. Then I will continue. In the Mean time enjoy this lecture given by our 33rd degree Free Mason friend and teacher Manly P Hall. Enjoy !
Happy Holi Days !