Thursday, November 12, 2015

Red Cup ? Red Sea is the reason for the color red Atum shall we part.

If Starbucks wants to use a red cup who cares. Does anyone even know why the color red is significant this time of year. I guarantee you it has nothing to do with a guy named Jesus or Moses in name. It is because we are going through the phase which is known as the red sea September 21st through December 22nd when we enter Atum we are entering the red sea. I didnt make none of this up it was written thousands of years before the Jewish god ever appears which precedes the others. Thoth, Horus, and Mithra all share the same story line as Jesus just 3 out of 300 virgin birth stories all different characters yet the same story.
Mr Starbucks if you wanna red cup go for it. It dont mean nothing if you dont know what it really means.
Enjoy the pictures as we part the red sea together!