Thursday, November 5, 2015

My tiny collection of sun gods in a pictorial accompanied by a Christmas story!

A holy day story about the light body one. ON = OH'N = horus = hours = horizon = horus is rising and in the morning his star is risen = Thoth = RA = Hercules = Helios = Zeus = Sol = Son = Holy = sun of god! There are four levels of understanding to the light body one as there is to everything. That is the reason or connection to the four seasons the four levels of understanding 4 cardinal points. That is why the cross is so important
When I was a young star I was impressionable like most. I always thought the expression "I wont stand for that " Meant someone was ready to fight. I made this distinction because of their actions and animal appearance mostly. I know what the expression really means that I wont stand up for such a ridiculous idea or notion or aggression. I can just sit here and sip my coffee and wait to die with a big smile.. These days I wont fight for anything. Its about posture really. It is about vibration, sound and light. What is your favorite and most protective frequency. It is called a mantra and your mind hums with electric fire to the melody you aspire. You can feel the purest light in your heart so it is written.
The rise and fall from the clause to the sacrum and up to the top of the holy (light) chimney. The spirit will purify on high. The science of light. The material universe is only 25% of the known universe. There are 4 levels of consciousness, why? 4 Seasons, 4 gospels, four types of physical matter one spirit. 75% of the universe cannot be seen nor touched it cannot be heard you cannot smell it or taste yet we know it is there. This holy day season I will watch and I will meet you on the other side where nothing is more. Happy Holidays! I hope I did not Mithra anything! Ho H o Ho Ho!