Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jacob's Ladder That Leads To The Stars - Manly P Hall (Cleaned and reduced Noise Audio)

Manly Palmer Hall is one of many. All of today's astrotheologists or students of syncretism have heard of and listened to Manly. He probably has more recorded lectures and books than anyone I have listened to to this day. He started with his first published pamphlet in 1920. Hall became sufficiently known and respected as a lecturer and interpreter of the writings of the ancients, and the most useful and practical elements of classical idealism, that he successfully appealed, through advertisements and word of mouth, for funds to finance the book that became The Secret Teachings of All Ages whose original cost of publication in 1928 was estimated to be $150,000 although the price of individual copies varied. According to original subscription agreements on file at the Philosophical Research Society, editions were sold by subscription for $75 on a pre-publication basis, but "the price of this edition after delivery by the printer is understood to be One Hundred Dollars." Under the subscription terms, $15 was due at signing of the agreement, and "the balance of Sixty Dollars in four equal monthly payments each.The H.S. Crocker Company of San Francisco agreed to publish the book "if Hall could secure the interest of book designer John Henry Nash, who once worked as a printer to the Vatican.