Friday, May 29, 2015

The true meaning of the Word ISIS goes back some many many many thousands of years and will never be forgotten only denyed and ignored.

This whole religious moron Islamic fighter terror bullshit propaganda stupid soldier campaign is a perfect example of how the 2%ers change the meaning of words and meanings through consciousness control or programming. Their methods do not have to be smart intellectual or even truthful the secret is repetition. The secret is to program your subconscious without you even knowing about it. Words, stories, symbolism in the background that you dont even pay attention to. All you have to do is turn it off they will shrivel up and go away.
This evil uneducated, ignorant group known as isis has about as much to do with the true meaning of Isis as a pile of dog shit. NO THING! They are just uneducated soldiers who believe in some stupid god for their own salvation even if that means killing anything including women and babies. No different than any other soldier really. Willing to kill just because some rich guy finances and commands it to be so. MORON is a good description of these worthless human beings. If they had a though of their own for just a few seconds and then a decade or two of study and reading they might see how stupid they really look to the enlightened world of today.
So please lets maintain the integrity of the word Isis and just call these guys pathetic religious morons!
Thank you and GOOD NIGHT!
So lets not call them freedom fighters nor Islamic soldiers nor terrorist nor mujaheddin nor Al qaeda we can simply refer to them as  
Does anyone think the human existence will ever become one of no wealth and no war with everlasting peace! Highly unlikely but still that's no reason to give up.