Saturday, May 9, 2015

The obviously unseen and ignored nature of all things!

What do you think it means when you hear "the sun of god" or the "one true light of the world"
You can see him in the morning coming in the clouds. The coming one. What is always coming? tomorrow! The Sun is coming it is always the coming one. It is so obvious what is being referenced. It is the sun of course. As far as we know there is and has only ever been one true light of the world. The sun. Some ancient legends and myths could be taken to mean there have actually been more than one sun and in current times since 2012 we are at the beginning of the new sun. It is also interpreted as the new sun of the new age or eon. It has been known for hundreds of thousands of years that the great year is 25,800 years and each age or eon is 2150 years give or take. All of this is provable. Its ancient science. We are leaving the influence of the sun and all its angles of light/energy during the age of Pisces and entering the new age of Aquarius. This is also provable. Christians like to call it new age nonsense. If the universe was created by a prime mover then of course everything within and without has an effect and/or connection to everything. Simple, during the different ages through time the angles of energies and light principles are different. The same goes for different positions in the galaxy over time. A Galactic year is 225 - 250 million years and each orbit is different than the last. All of this is not only obvious it is all provable.
This is all science and fact. Philosophically or from a different perspective every point in the universe is the center of everything. When I look at the night sky I perceive that everything revolves around the earth. I am at the center of my own universe. Being centered and grounded.
You have to do your re search and understand that Gospel means God Spell and it isnt about what you think it is. It actually is a psychological spell that causes people to fear the obvious truth and real nature of all there is. The greatest majic spell ever created has been used to steal your life and soul. The real meaning behind the zombie or living dead movies. Look up the legal definition of the word person. A corporation is a person a corpse. The walking dead or zombie. You are a liquid asset governed by the law of water. Maritime admiralty law. You are a corpse. Before you claim to know god or of god you better do your research and find out what all the words and symbolism means. When someone tells me they know god and they know what god wants I instantly know they dont have a clue about anything.  Especially when it involves buying a car or starting a business. No one alive knows what god wants, no one knows the lords true name, no one knows the Lord or gods intentions the only study that leads to understanding is observation of what has been created. A huge endeavor to say the least. A great year is 25,800 years so you can imagine the time it would take to develop such knowledge and wisdom it would take ten fold to discover and observe. This would allow one to say in all probability this wisdom dates back some 25 million years give or take. Its just a reasonable estimate we may never know the extent of our true existence.