Monday, May 11, 2015

The never ending story

The Media is magic it is a psychological form of mental manipulation to put it simple it puts a spell on you. You become spell bound or God spell (Gospel) its all the same thing. A zombie is a person or corporation it is a corpse or dead body. A mindless shell of dying flesh. The mind, the consciousness is where god is not in the body, not in materialism or matter. Matter is the lowest form of life and what the number 666 refers to it is the number of the beast the lowest life forms that exist. 666 is Matter or material. Ascension is within not without. So the next time someone suggests that god is a man well tell them they are full of shiet! They dont know what they are talking about.
People use language every day and they dont even understand what they are actually saying. For instance my Crazy christian (christ I am) church (circe) lady friend would say she reads the only true bible the HOLY BIBLE  I say do you even know what "holy bible" means? She responds yes the word of god. I say NO it means SUN BOOK! It is a book of sun worship. Yes that is fact Jesus is the SUN. Christ is a level of personal consciousness. Sun Consciousness. The nerve of our keepers to place the truth so clear in front of our eyes view and then lie to us! Tell us it means something different.
So the next time you think football or any other acted out tv program is so important and of value remember it isnt real. It is the same as abracadabra. Its a phony baloney nonsense program designed to enslave your mind and soul. A majic spell to turn you into the person corpse or zombie to serve as a slave. Well its something to study, consider, and relate to before sunrise!
Look I see in the east Lucifer the morning star, soon Horus will be rising.
Its just another perfect day. :)  Another interesting comparison is the relationship of Horus and Chorus. We are all part of one great universal song or symphony.