Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I read the holy bible and greet Jesus every morning I walk with him through the Horus (hours) of the day.

Some may find this interesting. I didn't make it up I heard it explained and I researched to verify. The true definition of "HOLY BIBLE" is "SUN BOOK"
Its the book of sun worship. Its mythical and allegorical meanings are all astrological. The places people and things are all in the sky. They only exist symbolically or metaphorically here on earth. They exist within you!
Well I found it interesting and I write to expand on my memory retention as well as comparative studies. I have always known that Jesus is actually the SUN of god its plain enough to see when you read the book (bible/biblio) or observe the symbolism, art, and descriptive works.
My point is many people speak of God or Holy Bible or Jesus etc and they dont have a single clue what any of it means!
The Sun of God is the heart Saturn is time and space. Time and frequency! Proton, Electron, Neutron
Father Son Holy Spirit (Sun Spirit) Christ consciousness! It is in you!

SUN GOD pictures and symbolism
Atum Ra