Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Archangel = Arc Angle, read and learn!

7 Archangels, 7 days of the week, seven observed planets, seven shokra's, seven levels of thought.
If you want to understand the true story behind the myth a good place to start is the Arc angle.
April 1st is the last confession before Easter (catholic) represented by the Archangel Michael. If you want to begin your journey to knowledge and understanding you need to look at the wheel the oldest known calendar and have a look at the Arc Angle of the Sun. The arc angle can be explained as the angle of the sun's energy passing between the outer wheel (Lord) and the center of the Wheel (GOD). Lord God doesn't mean what most people think. The wheel has 360 degree's the arc angle can be found for any date. This point on the wheel contains all information to define the allegory. The understanding of the sun of god as being always with you is really simple even when the sun is on the opposite side of the planet its energy reaches you by reflecting off other bodies, planets etc. The Sun of god is always with you. It always shines on you for ever. It is interesting to begin to understand the meaning behind Venus (Lucifer) the morning star reflecting the suns energy just before the Sun crosses the horizon into day and Lucifer becomes the fallen Angel. See what I mean? There is so much more to all stories that its not always easy to understand and the myth is so enticing the sweetness blurs your vision into meaningless allegory. As above so below the Sun of god (JESUS) is always with you and resides inside you. Your heart is your Sun you are Jesus as below so above. These are not my findings the science has always been available all you have to do is open your mind to it then it flows like water.
Happy April 1st! I confess I LOVE THE SPRINGTIME in the land of god! :)
Special thanks to: Jordon Maxwell, Santos Bonacci, Marty Leeds, Bill Donahue and many more.