Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What is Natural, Nature, nurture, NTTR, what are we talking about?

It is gods will. Natural, its nature. We learn about ourselves and who/what we are by observing nature. The teacher of all things. It is the frequencies of the Sun, earth and moon. It does not begin or end it "IS" (Isis) BEING! .. for energy cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed. It is the voice or conscious words of GOD. I AM! Christian! CHRIST I AM! ALL stories tell the same secrets! Its magic its not magic. Its Nature! The natural order and function of the universe is within you! All that is! Isis! The point of singularity of  "Let there be light!" The LORD and The GOD are two very different things, beings or entities. Duality cannot be escaped it is inherent in all things. Matter vs anti matter as far as you can go into infinity! The SUN has an orbit. Would you be surprised to know its orbit is a figure 8 (infinity)  or I would say it orbits a singularity in space. I didn't make this up it is ancient wisdom dating back maybe 60,000 years. It is science "GET IT"  We cannot escape that which has created us. Never ever no matter what you think you create it did not come from you! It came from within! The one eye of god is within you! The all seeing eye is yours all you have to do is open your heart and let the chrism (christ/oil) flow to the higher self! Salvation always begins at the bottom the sacrum it must ascend to the top! What do you think the true meaning of heads up is! Its in the head that's why you have two temples. The two towers! The two trees of life and knowledge! Good and evil are just the dual self nothing more. God is where they come together! In every story there is always 3 dimensions! A trilogy! A trinity! It is natural! What do you think we shall gather at the river means. Come Together! on the Astral plane not in the physical world! The river is within you as it is also in the universal. It flows up and down your spine like two twisted serpents.