Monday, March 30, 2015

The dysfunctional nature of Faith and its relationship to PI (pie)

You hear it all the time from people, popes, ministers, priests, and devil worshipers alike. Reaffirm your faith, oh you must be reborn, we are all doubters, blah blah blah, blahblahblahblah The reason faith doesn't work is there is a reason you have doubts. There is an un-talked about, untold, never taught story that you were indoctrinated to believe is evil. Problem is deep within you know the stories are not to be taken literal on every occasion except one. You cling to the one Myth that holds your faith. By definition faith is believing in something that is non existent you just chose to believe it. Break it down crucifixion the key part of the word being Fiction or fixion. While you cling to the single literal story or myth you fail to see an entire history of hundreds and hundreds of myth's all telling the same stories. You fail to see the allegory or hidden messages within all these stories.
Faith! Who needs it unless you want to ignore everything for ever for no good reason.

Pie? well its simple I dont need faith in pie to love it or for PI to work it just is what it is. They are both real not Fixion!