Friday, March 13, 2015

Ancient wisdom is every where hidden in plain sight.

To know God is to know thyself to know thyself you must understand the universe. You are an entire universe within yourself! The grand order of design that is our teacher of all things we are manifest of the Angels/Angles of energies that come from god and they will lead the way to true knowledge true understanding.
As above  so Below! Follow the light.  Also remember most of the light spectrum can only be seen with the one eye or all seeing eye. It is within YOU! You are the receiver you are the transmitter you are a transformation or manifestation of god. Reflection! no MATTER where you go there YOU are! RA! As above so below you are a reflection of god no matter what you believe nothing will ever change that.
Reflection: a pond or reflection pool is a window to watch the universe. The moon on the water has a meaning so deep you can write a book about its reflection. There are windows to the spirit every where.