Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One of my favorite subjects.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The dysfunctional nature of Faith and its relationship to PI (pie)

You hear it all the time from people, popes, ministers, priests, and devil worshipers alike. Reaffirm your faith, oh you must be reborn, we are all doubters, blah blah blah, blahblahblahblah The reason faith doesn't work is there is a reason you have doubts. There is an un-talked about, untold, never taught story that you were indoctrinated to believe is evil. Problem is deep within you know the stories are not to be taken literal on every occasion except one. You cling to the one Myth that holds your faith. By definition faith is believing in something that is non existent you just chose to believe it. Break it down crucifixion the key part of the word being Fiction or fixion. While you cling to the single literal story or myth you fail to see an entire history of hundreds and hundreds of myth's all telling the same stories. You fail to see the allegory or hidden messages within all these stories.
Faith! Who needs it unless you want to ignore everything for ever for no good reason.

Pie? well its simple I dont need faith in pie to love it or for PI to work it just is what it is. They are both real not Fixion!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What is Natural, Nature, nurture, NTTR, what are we talking about?

It is gods will. Natural, its nature. We learn about ourselves and who/what we are by observing nature. The teacher of all things. It is the frequencies of the Sun, earth and moon. It does not begin or end it "IS" (Isis) BEING! .. for energy cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed. It is the voice or conscious words of GOD. I AM! Christian! CHRIST I AM! ALL stories tell the same secrets! Its magic its not magic. Its Nature! The natural order and function of the universe is within you! All that is! Isis! The point of singularity of  "Let there be light!" The LORD and The GOD are two very different things, beings or entities. Duality cannot be escaped it is inherent in all things. Matter vs anti matter as far as you can go into infinity! The SUN has an orbit. Would you be surprised to know its orbit is a figure 8 (infinity)  or I would say it orbits a singularity in space. I didn't make this up it is ancient wisdom dating back maybe 60,000 years. It is science "GET IT"  We cannot escape that which has created us. Never ever no matter what you think you create it did not come from you! It came from within! The one eye of god is within you! The all seeing eye is yours all you have to do is open your heart and let the chrism (christ/oil) flow to the higher self! Salvation always begins at the bottom the sacrum it must ascend to the top! What do you think the true meaning of heads up is! Its in the head that's why you have two temples. The two towers! The two trees of life and knowledge! Good and evil are just the dual self nothing more. God is where they come together! In every story there is always 3 dimensions! A trilogy! A trinity! It is natural! What do you think we shall gather at the river means. Come Together! on the Astral plane not in the physical world! The river is within you as it is also in the universal. It flows up and down your spine like two twisted serpents.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Horus is rising! The sun is on the horizon! The moon is waning.

Illuminati is plural for one who is illuminated, enlightened. Illuminati = those who are illuminated. Receiving the light or being enlightened is about knowledge. Knowing. All  the fear and unknown that surrounds the word Illuminati in our present day culture is just that. Its bullocks! It is propaganda which is comparable to a spell or being hypnotized you become unaware out of your own ignorance. Refusing to seek the truth and seek true knowledge you believe in devils false gods afraid waiting for a mythical character to come and save you. With  knowledge you soon realize that you and only you can reach salvation or enlightenment by going within oneself. The illuminated ones who control this world know the truth there is no devil nor Lucifer, and Jesus is just a metaphor for the sun. Their power is in you believing such things exist. That is their only weapon or tool your lack of knowing and your fear of everything. Its time to wake up know! AUMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy PI day! Everything is better with Pie! Yum!

We have the digits, the symbolism, the language, the red and blue all very tasty and light! Happy PI day!

All language, all math all stories come from one source!

Most of OUR true human history has been burned, destroyed, demonized, lied upon, stolen, hidden, betrayed, taught to be evil to the point many refuse to even look at any of it. If you study the history of the Vatican and the christian religion its easy to see the destruction and stagnation it has caused to the entire human race. It is the same for almost all religions. All great works are 3 dimensional. You have been taught one story dig deeper and find the true knowledge hidden within.

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Jesus Christ super STAR! The SUN of GOD!

The Holy Name of Jesus Christ - Pi & The English Alphabet / Marty Leeds

Friday, March 13, 2015

Ancient wisdom is every where hidden in plain sight.

To know God is to know thyself to know thyself you must understand the universe. You are an entire universe within yourself! The grand order of design that is our teacher of all things we are manifest of the Angels/Angles of energies that come from god and they will lead the way to true knowledge true understanding.
As above  so Below! Follow the light.  Also remember most of the light spectrum can only be seen with the one eye or all seeing eye. It is within YOU! You are the receiver you are the transmitter you are a transformation or manifestation of god. Reflection! no MATTER where you go there YOU are! RA! As above so below you are a reflection of god no matter what you believe nothing will ever change that.
Reflection: a pond or reflection pool is a window to watch the universe. The moon on the water has a meaning so deep you can write a book about its reflection. There are windows to the spirit every where.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

As above so below

As above so below!

To understand any religion all you need is one perspective to begin. THE GOD and THE DEVIL are the same entity. One cannot exist without the other. THEY are all duality's.  Light dark, good bad, positive negative, high low, left right, male female. They exist within every ATOM (Adam/Eve) THEY are the “AETHER” the highest of high out of all the living elements.  They are the universal consciousness that is within all of us.  They are the electric or plasma or dark energy or empty space that gives life to the entire universe.  The ANGELS or ANGLES of energies that connect all particles, all matter,   all celestial bodies from the tiniest to the largest.  As above so below the seven chakra's are connected to the seven observed planets, the planets are connected to the sun that transforms and focuses the galactic energy within our SOLar system this energy is absorbed and reflected everywhere. 
Moses climbed a mountain to find god. What does this mean? It means the stair way to heaven has 33 steps. Salvation is within.  33 is shoved in your face everywhere 33 miracles in 33 years to the 33 levels of free masonry. There are 33 vertebrae in your spinal column which is the ladder of life it supports your cerebral spinal system.  The serpent is within you. The tree of life and the tree of knowledge are the balance points of all life. The equals, the equinox, balance.  As above so below what goes up must come down.  The fluid or gift flows from the claustrum down the chimney (spinal system) to the sacrum (sacrament/sacrifice, final) and then flows back up to ascend or ascension or activate the pineal gland the higher mind the one EYE of god. The elixir of life, the Shangri-La, milk and honey etc  etc  and so on.  I’m not making any of this up it is ancient knowledge that is written into every story.  As above so below heaven is in the higher mind the land of milk and honey is within you.  The milk and honey are spinal fluids its ancient science. The one eye at the top of the pyramid is the ONE EYE where you connect with god.  The pineal gland. This knowledge is encoded into every religious story ever told or written all you have to do is open your eyes to it and not fear true knowledge or “knowing”.  All knowledge or the word of god is encoded into the understanding of the wheel of the zodiac or will of god.  God’s word was written as evident in this wheel or will. There is no end to the story it continues through age after age always expanding growing evolving, forever changing.  We have witnessed Pieces for over 2000 years now we are entering the Age of Aquarius.   It’s all there written about for many tens of thousands of years.  If you fear a so called devil or the darkness you can never complete your journey to salvation.  As above so below so simple yet is ever so complicated in understanding.  The bible tells you literally that knowledge is evil WELL how can this be! I will tell you how because the tree of knowledge is at dusk or beginning of night, or fall from grace into darkness or into winter on the wheel which means if you want to learn you must  first realize you know nothing then venture the darkness looking for answers. Light/dark one cannot exist without the other but if you have a flashlight you soon realize darkness can never prevail when the light is present. The light is knowledge, knowing, energy, life force; understanding how the universe and god work is what the zodiac wheel or will of god is all about.  Let the light show you the way.  It’s always present as above so below the light is always within you, you will know it when you feel your heart beat. The heart is just another sun or star within you.  There are many common phrases that carry with them very deep understandings that we seem to forget so easy. 
Home is where the heart is. Your heart will show you the way to salvation it is the ascension to the top, the head, the ram, or higher mind. The one eye! As above so below!