Friday, October 31, 2014

Santos Bonacci Reclaiming Dominion

Monday, October 20, 2014

Moon in flames after Alien attack!

Photo taken 10-08-2014

There is no explanation for this picture except to say my camera has functions I do not understand or my sub-conscious dream thoughts had an effect. Imagination might be a better term to explain the electromagnetic capabilities of the human mind. Needless to say something with the shutter speed I would bet and the leaves on the tree's became flames while the entire foreground tree's, sky, clouds  all blurred and blended to create a surreal burning moon. There is a lot being discovered about human consciousness right now. Electromagnetism is playing a big role in all the science's right now. I personally believe the brain is just a receiver and all knowledge, information and even the soul reside with in consciousness. Light is data and biological transfer magnetism is memory, storage, backup now ism = you impressed Bahahahaha.... but honestly consciousness is something we all are aware of we all experience every single moment yet that part of ourselves is the least understood. Perhaps by understanding the nature and existence of the soul we will achieve a new evolutionary existence. For hundreds of thousands of years our physical self has been the focus of our attention it is a new eon, a time to expand our true self our conscious and un conscious minds where the source for all life exists! All realities except one would cease without electromagnetic principles.
There is a deeper meaning to all symbolism's all myth's and all religions. The true self or spirit is far more powerful and far more universal than anyone can imagine right now. There is no hurry evolutionary principles needn't worry about time! No hurries no worries let go expand your mind!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Taking pictures. 10-05-2014

There will be a full moon Oct. 7-8 with a total eclipse by the earths dark umbra. It is known as the Blood moon or Hunters Moon. I'll be there snapping still's! :)  Click on the first picture to open the picture viewer.