Sunday, September 21, 2014

Your destination is irrelevant its the journey that is important. Read! Learn! Discover!

If you study the history of any religion you can trace them all back to the known beginning. If you study the history of the words and symbols you begin to understand the hidden meaning behind the allegorical texts. So far I have read about 16 cultures through out history that all tell the same story of a divine child born of a virgin. Nothing unique about the Jesus story. As with all the others if you do your homework you will find there is an astrological story behind these myths that in fact is true you can prove it and there are thousands of years of documents, scrolls and writings to show the true story.  As with all people of faith they do not want to know the history or the truth. They have their faith the dream of an impossible reality. The astronomy or astrological story is true well documented and has been followed for 60,000 years possibly longer. The Zodiac is the clock and the calendar. All of the astrological natures of our solar system is the basis for all divine myth's and stories. I have an idea that most religious people are so desperate to know there is a divine creator they will believe anything and ignore all the history that led to this moment. Is there a divine creator a master behind the grand order of design? No one knows anyone who says otherwise is either lying or just plain ignorant. I know from my own research the likes of the Masons, Druids, Knights Templar, Skull and Bones worship the Grand Order of Design. They say they believe in god and they do it is the grand order of design. You never heard George Bush or many other presidents and officials mention Jesus and that's because they know Jesus is the name of the sun. Simple enough! They say or use the word God and their meaning is they praise to live by the Grand Order of Design. To understand the natures and powers of the solar system for personal  gain and growth. That is their game. The idea of knowing the creator is impossible if we do not have the knowledge and intelligence to even understand how our own earth works or what it is. Every new discovery of how the solar system really works is another step closer to the divine creator. The energy and natures of our solar system are governed by natural laws and forces. If we learn about and live within these natural laws and forces we will be on the path to true knowledge and enlightenment. Which will lead to being able to know or understand the creator. Perhaps even meet the creator. Think about the world how out of harmony the human race is with the natures of our solar system. Millions of people think praying is the answer. If you research the word pray you learn that a prayer is nothing more than begging like a peasant.  So all those that pray are begging like peasants to an imaginary father and son that never even existed. It would be much wiser to realize what the true light of the world is our true savior and worship to understand the sun. To this day no one has any idea what the sun is or how it really works. The best known explanations are within the cutting edge theories which are all connected to the electric universe model. The way the masses follow blindly and believe the "accepted" explanations of religion and science is why they are referred to as sheep. Sheep are ignorant they cant question they cant read they follow the masters and do what they are told. They believe what they are told to believe. The only words they know are undefinable bleats of nonsense. Period! The bottom line is "IF" there is a divine creator it is there doing what it does. The entire universe has been created. It is continually changing expanding. It is the universal being of all that exists. If we cannot live by the natural laws and forces we will perish it doesn't matter how much you beg. The creator obviously has no concern for how we live the gift has already been given. That's it! If there is an afterlife you will know soon enough. Making up or accepting ridiculous and impossible stories will not do anything except lead you away from the path of learning. To be one with the creator is to be one with the creation first there is no other way. Its time to wake up now! :)

An interesting read which clearly demonstrates and documents the fabrication of a divine father and son from nothing. They never existed and were produced to maintain control, obedience of the masses while they maintain their own elevated status. 
The Elite!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Is Jesus real?
The Last Supper: The Last Passover Meal

It is an allegory. What is the hidden or occult meaning to the story? Or what is the real story?
Let’s start with the bible and what was written.  Jesus: "And I assure you that I will be with you until the end of this age." - Matthew 28:20. The age he is talking about is Pisces. Jesus is the name of the SUN of GOD during the age of Pisces. We worship the sun on sun-day and during the age of Pisces we call it Jesus the sun of god, the light of the world.
What is the Passover? It dates back as far as anyone can re-search.  Passover is related to the zodiac and the four seasons. It is when the sun passes over the equator it happens 2 times a year once at the spring equinox and again at the fall equinox. This is the rise and the fall of Christ the sun. Horus, Khepri for the rising sun, Atum, the setting, and Ra, at noon, Sol, Christos Helios (Helius), Hepa, all sun gods and  there are many many more from every culture that ever lived. The rise and fall of the Sun Of God. The one true light of the world.

The last Passover meal signifies the end of days of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. According to the Mayan calendar and our own calendar this happened at or around 2012. It will be argued the last supper is not a pass over meal and that is debatable because Jesus or the SUN is old and dying on the cross after the Passover preparing to be reborn into the house of Aquarius so there is no meal. The Passover is the last meal or harvest celebration of the sun before it dies on the cross and is reborn into a new house or kingdom. Aquarius!

The equinox or Passover is a festival not a single day. It lasts seven days and seven nights and each day we honor the god planet of that day. There is a powerful connection between the SUN, the planets, and all life. There is you might say an intended connection to this source or power stream of our existence and is what the zodiac is all about. The grand order of design of our place in the universe. To be in balance or harmony with the grand order of design (GOD or GOOD) we use the zodiac as a calendar. You could say the zodiac is one of the oldest calendars known. GOD is GOOD. There is a deeper meaning to all words and symbols.

There are piles and piles of written text, paintings, drawings, and library’s full of historical evidence to support these meanings and interpretations. One of my favorites is the painting by Da Vinci of the last supper.  One has to realize there are phrases and passages of the bible that have deep hidden or occult meanings and then there is a lot of repetition and gibberish. Taken from the last supper scripture both Luke & Mathew: Where do you want us to prepare for it? Jesus: As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters. The man or the water bearer is Aquarius and the house is the house of Aquarius. Jesus is saying it is the end of the Age of Pisces and the sun will begin a new existence in the Age or house of Aquarius. Instead of being ruled by the house of two fish we will be ruled by the house of the water bearer. That is all the end times or end days ever signified.   The changing of the ages, they are charted and kept track of with the zodiac calendar. No big mystery but somehow humans have been led away from the truth. It doesn’t mean there is no god it means there is much more to the story than we are being taught.

Da Vinci’s painting. The Last Supper or Passover Meal.

A lot of things can be examined with this painting. My interest here is to point out the meaning of the twelve disciples, Jesus, and the relation to the universe and our place in it. Jesus is at the center of our place in the universe. The universe is the table. We sit at the table our place in relation to the whole universe. Jesus represents the SUN the center of our solar system. You will notice the disciples are arranged in groups of 3. There are four groups of three within our domain. The groups signify the seasons spring, summer, winter, and fall. Each season consists of 3 months. That’s why Jesus travels with 12 disciples. They represent the 12 houses of the zodiac. Jesus is the SUN of GOD at the center of the table the disciples are the 12 months or houses that rotate or process around him. This is a clear pictorial story of the meaning of the last supper or the last Passover meal before we enter the new AGE and we will be or already are living in the Age of Aquarius. Da Vinci was trying to tell us what he couldn’t speak out loud during his time.

Is Jesus real? Right now I have to say yes. But what is the reality of Jesus? The reality of Jesus is, it is just the Christian name of our Sun during the Age of Pisces. Real yes, but is he a man? No! Just the Sun! You can argue if you want you can deny or try to debunk but before you do any of that I suggest you do the research. You will learn our Sun has had many names and one constant so far it has always been adored, praised, and worshipped. Jesus will not be the last name it is given. It will have many more to come.
The Sun of God! The Light of the World!
The sun is a living changing evolving being that we cannot live without!

The Sun is a solar transformer (SOL) that transforms Galactic energy into solar energy in the form of the solar wind. The solar wind powers all the planets and all life within our solar system. All points in space time are connected! If you can grasp the idea that GOD is the source of all that exists it is easy to realize we do not have the comprehension to even begin to understand the creator but understanding and living within the harmony of the creation we will be on the right path that will lead us to understand the greatest mystery of all times.