Friday, October 3, 2014

Understanding and being aware of Saturn! Awareness and knowledge is Power!


There is a reason Saturn has been adored and worshiped for millions of years. Something scientists don't mention is gas giants are stars. Jupiter in my opinion is a new star forming. It has always been known as the guardian of the solar system. It attracts and absorbs most of everything that enters the solar system. Saturn is an old star. It is a dwarf star and the debris fields are from an apparent collision maybe millions of years ago. Saturn has 62 known moons. Some as small as 1 kilometer across. As such, much of the 62 bodies are left overs from this catastrophic event. Some of the orbiting planets are as large as Neptune. It is my hypothesis that Saturn is a solar system all to itself. It is no wonder the power and magic of Saturn. Saturn has been worshiped from the beginning of known history and probably longer. Much longer. Saturn symbolism is every where and is worshiped by all the major religions and leaders of the world. AWARENESS! The choice is yours. Its time to wake up!